Give me something for my money, SG


20 thousand characters, all in advance


I dunno.

October: I spent 300 dollars trying to get Victor. Failed. Got 3 hotm (Aegir, 2 Zim)
December: I spent 200 dollars trying (600 lifetime) trying to get Guin or Arthur. Failed. Got Evelyn on an Epic token.

I did drop 30 bucks to get an xmas 10-pull for the express purpose of pulling Buddy. Got him. Was happy.

Overall, after the couple thousand I’ve spent on this game… I don’t feel cheated.

what’s the BFD?

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I got Victor. I have MN and Santa. I was disappointed, because I wanted Evelyn. That was the moment when I thought, where has the fun left me

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Still a cool $1200 at cheapest prices. Which isn’t the end of the world. But the only way that figure really looks good is in Indonesian Rupiah.

@Steve9999 your reply reflects exactly my situation. I am trying for a year to get a HotM. I know people who got 2x HotM in thr row. Yes they are lucky and people like me who are complaining are just unlucky with 28+ summons attempts. Yes I know ■■■ I do but still trying so many times and failing for months is just frustrating.
■■■ should we do once we have all the standard heroes?

The lack of endgame goals which don’t require large $$$ investment is definitely a shortcoming of the game. The expected cost to pull a HOTM is over $130 (and the 95% probability point is almost $600). For many people, that’s a lot to spend to get one new thing you’re excited about. It’s one of the reasons several of us have been advocating for things like adding S2 heroes and old HOTM to the training camps.


I spent 300 trying to get Inari last Atlantis portal. I got Zim ×3.
I’ve done 4 10× pulls this month, and just one Evelyn.
Yet, for October i spent like 200-300 and nothing.

The RNG can be maddeningly frustrating.

$300 gives you about a 78% chance of pulling at least one HOTM. So failure to draw one is about as common as flipping a coin and getting tails twice in a row. And that happens all the time. You were very mildly unlucky in October.

$300 also gives you an 8% chance of pulling 3 HOTM. Or about the be same chance as flipping a coin and getting tails 4 times in a row. Not quite so common, but it definitely does occur. So you were a little luckier last month than you were unlucky in October. But neither outcome is at all surprising given the SGG percentages on the gates.

And this month, 40 pulls gives you a 41% chance of pulling Evelyn. About the expected outcome. Your chances are a little worse than a single coin toss.

This is definitely something to keep in mind when you’re deciding how much to spend.

In case you’re interested, here are the HOTM chances if you spend $300:

0 HOTM: 22%
1 HOTM: 33%
2 HOTM: 25%
3 HOTM: 8%
4 HOTM: 5%
5+ HOTM: 7%

So you can see that all those people reporting multiple Evelyns on the forum are actually not surprising at all.

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Oh definitely! I’m happy with just the one Evelyn. I also had about 15 gold coins. I couldn’t afford to spend that much this month Christmas and all. Otherwise i woulda dropped more money. The money i did spend were attached to offers. Such as 200 gems plus an unfarmable.

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I’ve been picking up those offers myself. Since I’m willing to spend some money, they’re really hard to turn down.

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They really are. Just a few dollars, trap tools and 200 gems?! Yes please. I know they will be put to good use!

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Guess I’ve been really lucky then…but still no Guinevere

You seem to be averaging abround 3 HOTM every month. If you don’t mind my asking, what’s your spend? Just based on that, if I had to guess, I’d guess $300-$600 per month–but with such a small sample my guess could be way off.

Guin is a 0.33% probability of draw (1% for any Avalon 5*, and there are 3 of them). So the expected spend for pulling her is about $540. The expected spend, here, is the amount of money where you are 50% probable to have drawn her.

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Right at 350 a month here the last few months. And yes this is a small a sample as you surmised. I’ve been pretty lucky so far except when it comes to Guinevere. Got all the Christmas hero’s with MN x2 and about 7 buddys plus I have all the TC20 legends except Marjana. HOTM has been very good to me, received 4 Zimkitties in one pull…would trade all 4 for one Guin though. I’m 3 10x pulls today I’ve received 2 Morgan’s, 1 Arthur, 2 Merlin’s , 3 Lances and a Magni, and Thorne…crazy

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You’ve been quite lucky. That’s a super impressive stable of heroes (and especially so for what you’ve been spending). And your luck continues with that last 3x10. For comparison, my 4x10 on Avalon today gave 1 Merlin, 2 Lancelot, and 4 Evelyn (plus about a billion Ulmers).

Of course all that luck is pretty cold comfort when you really want a Guin. There’s still a little Avalon left though. Good luck to you if you’re still pulling!

No I’m done for the month unless Season 2 comes out with someone I just can’t live without Got Inari and Matsuko last go around

I get eye cancer if I see this😡 why people should get 3 or more HotM? Now is speaking my frustration. I don’t believe that somebody who has more times HotM will maximize all of them.

Oh it’ll take awhile but right now I have 14 set teams and they are all being ascended. All my training camps are constantly producing feeders…I’d give you all my Aegir’s if you’d like:rofl:

Thank you. I have ascension items for 2 purple 5*, red hero 5* but I would need something like Zim or Santa. Thank you :wink:

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