Give me something for my money, SG

Its called spending. And in fact he doesn’t have every hero…or at least didn’t last I heard.

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Please don’t spread inaccurate and untrue rumours about other players. It is neither civil nor constructive


They actually come in surprisingly stylish varieties now.


If you would ever interact with him, you would actually notice he DOES NOT HAVE EVERY HERO in the game, and there is a whole thread about it in the forum.

He and many others are in the Beta group, where they test all the heroes over and over, sometimes they make videos of the testing, and once the hero comes out they post those videos.

it’s easier to just quit the game if you or @BFD think there is something wrong with it.

Saturnus you can also get most of the heroes in the game, it’s called spending money there’s nothing shady or secretive about it

I advise everyone to check the amount of money they already have paid in this game. All the time buying these little offers here and there could sum up to a really high amount. Paying myself with PayPal i searched for the amount over time, i was really surprized, not in a good way though. I thoughd it was way less.

This. It is why I had to uninstall the game. Now I will lurk on the forms for a couple weeks till I am out of the loop and then I finally kicked the habit and my wallet thanks me.

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I always thought i was a c2p, that was wrong i know now

I have lots of 5stars, dividing the money between them, a single 5star costed me 25 bucks, bahumm

I take my lunch to work 3 days a week now so I don’t mind spending $1.99 here and there and a couple times $9.99. its simple budgeting that your parents should have taught you. if you can’t afford it, and you can’t figure out a way to budget for it, and you can’t control yourself enough to not HAVE to buy every deal, especially the $99 deals, then maybe this game is not for you. But definitely don’t complain about other people making sacrifices and finding ways to pay. the nice sports car next to you at the traffic light, should we force him to drive an old station wagon just to make it fair for everyone else?


Did you reply to me? I do not want to tell anyone what to do. I just said, one (me) could lose track of the spendings because they are so small, but in the end it is a lot

Followed by the tune… “A fool and his money”!!!

That is why the micro transactions work so well. Like the impulse items at a grocery store checkout line, people go “what the heck its only a few bucks”.

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Sorry. I just hit the “reply” button, but it wasn’t intended to be specifically to you.

Is this…satire?

20 characters

I was happy to have that game. But after spending 120k for garbage, i am done. P off. Hope these people will suffer

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@Quagmire1 who/what are you responding to?

Just a reminder to keep discussions civil as well. IMO your post is borderline for flagging per the forum rules.

EDIT: Since I see you’re new to the forums, here is a link to the forum rules:


$120k… USDs??:eyes:

Maybe s/he means 120k gems? :pleading_face:

God, I hope so.

20 dollar characters.

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