Give me something for my money, SG

Lol, looking at the odds that were posted earlier in this thread, I am still in disbelief. I just shake my head.

I don’t know mate. I just looked at the dollars/benefit ratio and stopped spending. To be fair I have a ton of 5* from the gems I bought. However if I had it to do over again I would not have dropped the cash I did.

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You are for sure at the lucky end of the curve :slight_smile:

Lol, at least one of those was a Thorne! Pretty darn good luck, though. I just feel for the players that save all of their gems and tokens and get some nifty feeders and nothing else. I have watched games go to the wallet warriors with no regard for the people that made the game fun for everyone in the first place. I would really like to play for more than a year before half of the alliances die.

There are some brilliant F2P players in the game. Haylc and Roger are two that come to mind now. I am of the personal opinion the companies like this know that loot box laws are coming and they are trying to maximise their profits before that occurs.

The loot boxes are considered gambling witch is only a chance of something legendary such as a 5* but I understand why people are upset about this it doesn’t seem fair but if you always won when you gambled then there would be no point in doing so

Alright, now is your opportunity to tell us.

Without asking them to give you stuff for free (they are a business), what would you like Small Giant to do?

How do you want them to advertise their odds?

By the way there is a difference between defending Small Giant and objectively pointing out what you’ve been promised by Small Giant.

Whether these types of games are ethical is an entirely different question.

You won’t find me defending Small Giant but neither will you find me agreeing that everyone has been robbed


This game is like Vegas, it’s the roll of the dice that keeps people coming back time and time again. They have a great business model and they should stick with it. We all know the odds aren’t in our favor, but we continue to buy gems and pull the handle. No guarantees in life or Empires & puzzles!!!

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@fenziedeye. Not sure where ethics come into playing/paying to play a game. We aren’t gambling for money. No promises are made to players. Now if SG took your money and didn’t give you the gems you purchased I could see the ethical dilemma there but the OP is just complaining that he got what he paid for and didn’t really care for the results of what he paid for. Not an ethical issue that I can see…

No one is robbed. Not my words. And this is hardly gambling. No one thinks they can take a vacation or retire if they get a 5* when they draw 30+ heroes. You get entertainment out of pouring money into a virtual hole, like when I was a kid at gentlemen establishments :grin: Governing bodies my differ on the definition in their attempts to get their cut, but that doesn’t change the fact that no one comes out of this game with more money than they started with. All I am saying is that my last game lost a lot of good people when it became apparent that a lot of money every week was necessary to stay even. I like that f2p people can build a respectable team over time. I don’t want to see that happen with my new addiction is my point, I guess.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: I’ve not heard that one in a very long time. OMG that was great

Agreed. It would just be called winning :slight_smile:

That reminds me of the classic Twilight Zone episode where a guy couldn’t lose. All the joy was sucked out of his life.

It’s that sweet adrenaline rush we get when we FINALLY get something that we all live for.

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Hah that episode was brilliant. Gonna watch it now!

But you said:

As if SG posting odds makes it OK to eat $100 dollars and give nothing in return.

Isn’t this robbery? One party takes money and gives nothing in return.

@Ray008 ethics comes about like this.

Is it ok for a business to exploit the vulnerabilities or weaknesses of people to make its money?

I’m not talking about things like not being able to resist ice cream or pizza here (that’s a different level).

What is the vulnerability here? Arguably the fact that many gamers here have little self control and will keep paying until they get their desired 5* hero, even if the odds are terrible

@Gh0stL1ght The point of my previous post is that, objectively speaking, all SG have done is promise you a chance in return for your money.

So I take issue with everyone who claims that SG have robbed them (or if you aren’t comfortable with that word, given you ‘nothing’ in return for your money). The odds are advertised clearly.

BUT if someone were to say to me:

'Frenzied, I don’t think it’s right for a company to exploit the vulnerability of gamers who have no self control. I think it’s unethical, similar to how tobacco companies or casinos exploit people’s lack of self control to smoke or gamble’

… I think I would agree that it’s somewhat distasteful but not unlawful or ‘wrong’ in the sense that we have grown-up consenting adults (assuming gamers here are adults) who know what they are getting themselves into


Fair enough, good point. Thanks for your thoughts

I guess we will have to agree to disagree, because I believe in free will and personal responsibility…I can’t put that back on the company. The company is in business to make money. Now if people have no self will, no self control, why is that the companies fault. I don’t blame gun manufacturers or the guns themselves when someone goes off the deep end and decides to shoot up a place. I don’t blame the auto manufacturer when a car wreck happens and wipes out a family. When did personal responsibility go out the window?

Hmm I’m not blaming the company for the choices of consumers and their exercising of free will.

But, at the very least, do you acknowledge that they are one cause (out of many causes) of people’s slide into addiction etc?

In other words, if these companies didn’t exist, would you not say that the temptation to go towards a vice would be significantly reduced?

Free will is one thing, but watching out for our fellow humans is another. Making money is fine, but I think certain lines should be drawn.

Agree with the car manufacturer example assuming the car parts weren’t defective - that would be ridiculous.

That’s why I don’t spend any $$ on any game.

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You mean “Nothing I wanted in return”. Its not possible that “nothing” came out of the summon gate

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