Give me something for my money, SG

I get eye cancer if I see this😡 why people should get 3 or more HotM? Now is speaking my frustration. I don’t believe that somebody who has more times HotM will maximize all of them.

Oh it’ll take awhile but right now I have 14 set teams and they are all being ascended. All my training camps are constantly producing feeders…I’d give you all my Aegir’s if you’d like:rofl:

Thank you. I have ascension items for 2 purple 5*, red hero 5* but I would need something like Zim or Santa. Thank you :wink:

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: hahaha I’m also like you. see a friend’s post here, I can go crazy seeing the money spent :crazy_face::crazy_face:

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My sympathies for all those Aegirs…

Just pair him with Tarlak and Mother North for some fun times.

Alternatively, I hear that if you save up 10 Aegirs you can trade them in for a Renfield.


This alone makes coming to this forum worthwhile! :rofl:


Well I’ve spent a dollar or two. Got a couple 5* and honestly I can’t lvl them All up. But The games been decent to me. I every player of the month since I been playing. Which is three months… But, I feel where your coming from. Hang in there.

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My cheap to play team, all $1.99 and less and some $9.99 I did a Winter 10 pull and got Buddy and Evelyn.

Did a Avalon 10 pull and got Merlin, who I really wanted.

My even cheaper team, some $1.99 and less did a Avalon 10 pull and got Guinevere. She any good?

I’m happy


Congratulations. That’s fantastic luck! My decidedly-not-F2P-self is still blanking on Guin. #Jealous

I’m going to reveal the secret to pulling 5* heroes…

Ready for it?..ok…


…you may ask…“what foolishness is this you speak of?”…well think about it…

Why would SG give you a 5* hero when you are spending loads of money at once…they (the programmers / makers / designers have no incentive to give you what you want and stop the cash flow.

That’s not how supply and demand works.

If you actually read through every post about pulls, you will notice the ones that barely spend money (especially those who only use tokens saved up over a period of time) are the main individuals that get lucky pulls…and the ones that do multiple pulls mostly get 3* and 4* if not doubles of what they already have.

Quite simple of a concept…

“If they dont spend a lot…entice them with a lucky pull so that they may spend to get more 5* heroes”

“If they do spend…let them keep spending in hopes that they might actually get the 5* they really want”

At the end of the day it’s about your ability to control yourself and your spending…its your responsibility to keep money in your pocket…not SG

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You’re suggesting that Small Giant is committing fraud by publishing odds and then not living up to them. That’s a pretty strong accusation. Do you have any proof beyond anecdotes from the forum?


People aren’t trying to get multiple HotM, they are trying to get a more elusive hero, like Inari, and Evelyn just keeps showing up.

And @Juzjokez, staff has explicitly stated that the odds of pulls are the same for all players. Call me naive, but I choose to believe them.


Now that is truly funny…I snorted coffee out my nose as I read this. Hehehhe


My response was not to debate odds…I merely stated what should be obvious if everybody that complains did as I did and read through ALL posts (past and present) relating to pulls and concluded as I did, that the least amount of money you spend, the more chances you have to pull a 5*. This has also been proven by statements made by various youtubers.

I’m not sure how to interpret your claim of having read through ALL past posts. Just as a really easy counter-example:

Summons disappointment

I could also point out that my first ever 10-pull, done with saved gems and a couple of the really special low price deals, produced 9 3* and Rigard. That’s not in line with your theory either.

The simple reality is much more mundane than some diabolical money-grabbing plot. Almost nobody goes on the forum to post about how average/unexciting their first pulls were. In contrast, many people get excited and post when their early pulls happen to include something special.

There are over 1.2M daily players according to an article I read. So unless you’re doing a lot more sampling than just the few hundred people who post up on the forums and YouTube, you really just don’t have any credible data.


I honestly think SG should increase the odds a little big every time you don’t get a 5* out of 10 pulls. That way after a certain amount of pulls you will eventually get the hero you are looking for. At the end of the day it’s just one hero and it’s the beginning of a long road to max because you still need to spend to get the materials (chest from Atlantis summon). It’s a game after all and if you want to keep your players engaged then curve the odds a little bit in their favor.

But I’m sure this business model is working for them since there will always be new players with extra cash to throw at a 0.1 or 0.06 percent drop. I too spent a lot trying to get Guinevere. It’s my first Avalon event so naturally I was gonna go after the new heroes. Just like you the odds weren’t in my favor (as expected), I’m more disappointed in myself tho rather than raising a fist at the devs. For someone like me their business practice is not enough to keep me spending. And yes this is straight up like a casino which is the sad part really. I don’t mind spending as long as I am having fun, but doing a high amount of pulls like your should at least return something. Even if it’s not much. That were I think the devs failed as far as player retention when it comes to spending.

Personally, I have decided not to spend another dime in this game because it’s too high maintenance for me. Sure I want 5*s then they will just sit there in the back log because you will hit another wall when it comes to level them up. Another reason for me is the fact that I’ve been playing for a few months now and I have yet to see any added features to make the game fresh. It’s just the events on rotation and the occasional Atlantis story drop. To me it’s like what the hell are they working on and why is it taking so long for them to drop or communicate some cool new feature or adding something to the game (no new heroes) to keep it fresh…anyway, I’m sticking around because I found a cool alliance and the ppl are really chill.

My advice to you is not to spend 1000 bucks on a single event. And if you can’t resist the urge to do it then set a fix budget on how much you’re willing to spend. No that the odds are definitely NOT in your favor so don’t expect anything. Good luck in the future mate :slight_smile:


Tin foil hats, anyone?..

So - you read posts and watch youtube and selectively believe the information that supports your opinion? Interesting. But hardly objective.
And proves nothing at all.
There are more than enough cases which would prove exactly the opposite…
I know players that spend and receive multiple 5* heroes. Some people are lucky in the game. Others not so much.

But you are making serious accusations based on what? Your opinion? Selective ‘evidence’?

… walks away… Tin foil hats, anyone?


What’s wrong with tin foil hats? They help!!!


Off-topic, but since you asked:

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