Give me something for my money, SG

Not sure how this can be considered an offense. It’s not SGs responsibility to teach everyone about probabilites. Nor is it their responsibility to make sure everyone understands probabilites.

Finding out how probabilites work is the responsibility of each person. What’s great about the time that we live in is anything you want to know can be found on the internet. Do the research, understand the subject and make the decision. The excuse of not knowing and blaming someone else for trouble is no longer applicable.


Or just ask on the forum. Several of us would be happy to do the math for you and convert it to more everyday language like “one time in every 5 that you try it.”

can you do some math for me? What are the odds that these people that are saying they will never spend money on this game are still spending money on this game?


Approximately 95% probability. About the same chance as someone “just buying VIP for one month, and that’s it.” Iron willpower is a precious commodity, and not super common.

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you mean pushing the blame to you that you decided to open your wallet and spend money on this game. ok, you’re right, it wasn’t your fault. you are a winner.

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Now, back to the topic, please.


As above :point_up:
Thank you @LadySuzanne

I mean no 5 star also no hero of the month too

So that will happen to about 4 people in every 100 who spend $300 on pulls. You did get a little unlucky, but it’s certainly not an impossible outcome given their published percentages. I can see why you’d be disappointed.

and next time you might get 2 or 3 good heroes. so, keep spending! your luck has to turn eventually. “you can’t win it unless you’re in it”.

Where I am concerned. 0.


Stop spending. Get your fortress and then your TC to 20 and then wait.

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when I first started I had one bad time spending chaseing after guinevere. after that I made a strict budget and stick to it. every event comes back around you will have another chance to get them


Its called spending. And in fact he doesn’t have every hero…or at least didn’t last I heard.

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Please don’t spread inaccurate and untrue rumours about other players. It is neither civil nor constructive


They actually come in surprisingly stylish varieties now.


If you would ever interact with him, you would actually notice he DOES NOT HAVE EVERY HERO in the game, and there is a whole thread about it in the forum.

He and many others are in the Beta group, where they test all the heroes over and over, sometimes they make videos of the testing, and once the hero comes out they post those videos.

it’s easier to just quit the game if you or @BFD think there is something wrong with it.

Saturnus you can also get most of the heroes in the game, it’s called spending money there’s nothing shady or secretive about it

I advise everyone to check the amount of money they already have paid in this game. All the time buying these little offers here and there could sum up to a really high amount. Paying myself with PayPal i searched for the amount over time, i was really surprized, not in a good way though. I thoughd it was way less.

This. It is why I had to uninstall the game. Now I will lurk on the forms for a couple weeks till I am out of the loop and then I finally kicked the habit and my wallet thanks me.

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