Give me something for my money, SG

Ok so far I’ve spent several hundreds of dollars on and over 90 summons during this Christmas event with absolutely nothing in return except for garbage 3* and 4* heroes. I did get 2 Rudolph and 1 Buddy but come on seriously over 90 summons with absolutely ZERO 5*. This is nothing but thievery on small giants part. Hey small giant here’s an idea, if you want people to continue spending money then actually give something for their money. People will not spend money when they get absolutely nothing in return. You supposed to be smart people so figure this out and change your corrupt system of stealing from your customers. Again over 90 with nothing but garbage. Give me a small break.


Check again with the posted odds, you fall within pretty normal results for those bad odds. Buddy is pretty cool, I’m glad I got him.


It’s still absolute thievery on their behalf. Like I said if they want people to keep spending money then actually give them something for the money they spend. I am one step away from leaving this game.


I hear violins playing…


@BFD Accusing someone of thievery and cheating (Post title) is a serious claim and not to be taken lightly. SG has posted the odds of pulling a specific type of hero, but does not force you to do the pulls.

YOU have decided that the odds were worth it. YOU have chosen to buy the gems and spend them on pulls. YOU have then decided that the rules should be different because the odds did not work in your favor.

I’m not sure how this earns the accusation of cheating and thievery. You had the information and decided to play the odds.

Here are the pull odds for reference:


You knew exactly what you were getting yourself into, and if you didn’t well you have learned something about odds and statistics


Those odds are only used as an excuse to rip people off and you know it



I just spent $50 this morning on the offer, and did my first ever 10X pull. I was not expecting miracles, just hoping to get lucky. Alas, I did not get what I wanted (Evelyn), but got some decent heroes nonetheless.
Will I do it again? Possibly.
Bottom line, you know what you are getting into.
Dont accuse/complain when the results are not to your liking.
Suck it up, Buttercup


Is this the “I’m tired of________” thread?

I’m tired of HOAs. It’s, like, I get your purpose, but leave me alone! Focus on the guy who keeps parking on the lawn. He’s the real monster. Not the Didn’t Mow Because it Rained All Weekend Guy.


When you go to the casino do you get frustrated if you loose your money? Same principle. Sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t

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I can assume you don’t buy or spend anymore right?

Because i’m often reading this kind of complain, but the very same people complain again over and over, meaning, they not really learn the lesson.


Looking at his post history, he’s just a complainer about all aspects of this game.


Just wait for Avalon the bellyaching about X number of pulls and not getting Guinevre should be pure gold.

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Why are you comparing a phone game to a casino is the real question

That’s not a good thing


This horse has been beaten several times around. Please see:


I think frustrations grow the higher you get in the game.
Consider a 10x full that may typically give you two 4* heroes.
If you are new to the game, then you would probably be delighted with this.
However, if you already have quite a few 4*s, and those 2 you pull are maybe duplicates, then you would probably be hacked off.
So … same pull … very different emotions depending on your existing roster.

This is NOT a complaint, just an observation.


Just use TC20 to get legendary heroes if not getting legendaries after you pay money for gems is going to be devastating.

Hopefully in time they’ll add SH/TC levels that allows you a chance at season 2 heores


I also think people get their sights set of the current shiny hero and think they are “must have”. So they spend over their budget to get it, still don’t and get angry at SG, when in reality they should be angry at themselves for blowing their budget.

Clue in - there is no such thing as a “must have” hero. There is only “nice to have”.


The real problem, I think, is that people can see the odds but just don’t understand what they imply. For instance:

On average, 1 in every 100 of the seasonal 10-pulls will produce NOTHING BUT 3* classic heroes. So if 100,000 people do 10-pulls, 1000 of them will be really complaining about how broken the pulls are.

On average, only 3 out of every 10 seasonal 10-pulls will have Buddy in it. You need to do 21 pulls to have a 50/50 chance of getting Buddy.

On average, only 6 out of every 100 seasonal 10-pulls will have Santa or Mother North in it. You need to do 115 pulls(!) to have a 50/50 chance of getting one of the seasonal 5* heroes. And if you want a 95% chance of getting a seasonal 5*, you need to be prepared to do 498 pulls(!!!). At $0.01 per gem, and doing only 10-pulls that’s $0.01x260x498=$1294.80

So… If you say “I spent several hundred dollars and didn’t get Mother North or Santa,” I’m going to tell you that’s actually not particularly surprising.


It’s not that I didn’t get Mother or Santa it’s the fact that I got zero 5* at all. During the last Atlantis I did 30 pulls and Azlar. I was stoked because I’ve wanted Azlar for a while. I wasn’t disappointed because I actually saw a return on my investment. To do 90 pulls with only a couple 4* and the rest 3* is ridiculous.


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