Give me a justification to keep playing the game?

What justification do I have to keep playing this game?
It’s ludicrous the way you have it right now. Epic level on the current quest is madness!
I need 25 compasses to be able to advance my heroes, two full energy on trying to beat that level and nothing, last about 5 minutes at most on the bosses…damage none is nothing…plus what the hell do I have to compete for? Basically nothing, your way of sorting out the loot available is completely stupid. There is nothing for lower ranked players…like a player who’s anything lower than 30 is limited to two rounds of emblem quests…what is the point of that? Reward players for basically nothing…
Take money and give a 2% chance of getting an epic hero or hero of the month…fraud much? Not I will ever put money into this game as as per the title there is zero justification to continue playing.
Sort it out or you’re going to lose people…oh wait or should I pay to be able to not get anything…

It’s really getting tiresome seeing these posts. Honestly if you want to leave then leave. Why do we need to convince you to stay? Would you like a red carpet on your way out? It’s a game. Play or move on. No one’s forcing you to do anything.


So what I’m getting from your post… you’re not level 30, and still somehow need 25 compasses? Sorry man, you’re going to be waiting a year for your materials… this isn’t a game where you can just buy max heroes. You can get the card, but materials take a LONG time. This may not he the game for you. By the way, you can kill the last level easy with the “chuck” method…


I’m level 31. I used some money around Christmas, but have been basically free recently. I have no 5-stars who are at all capable, so am competing with only 4-stars. I have finished rare, epic and 7 levels of legendary. Is it easy? No. Is it possible? Yes, though items will almost certainly be necessary.

By the way, if you’re struggling with epic, you’re going to find that the 3rd tier of the emblem quests are at least as hard as that. (After hitting 30, I’ve won two with items and gave up on one due to not having a deep enough hero roster to get anything worthwhile onto the field.)

The justification to play is the fun you have and the challenge. You have to decide if those are there for you.


@Tazman well if your not happy any more just scroll the google play store and choose a game with a good rating. Play it… leave the E&P for a fews days and weeks…and see what happens next…


Hey there!
I can feel your frustration. Everybody gets frustrated in this game at one point or another. It is a long journey, it doesn’t reward you every time you log in with heroes, ascension materials and diamonds… but…

…if you need a justification to play the game, then you should maybe take the advice of the other players that have replied and find a game that is more enjoyable for you. Because the only justification - if you want to put it that way - to play a game, is the fun you have while playing.

In E&P, the enjoyment comes mainly from seeing the progress you make over time, in my opinion. How a quest that you couldn’t finish last time, becomes possible to finish. And next time, maybe even easy. For me, getting my heroes leveled is only a reward, because it takes time to do so.

This is a game where it pays off to walk before you run. Trying to get all the high level heroes in the beginning is a good way to get frustrated. The game is designed to advance slowly.

So, honestly - nobody can give you a reason to make you stay. If you are willing to enjoy the grind, it will come with its own rewards. But this is not an instant gratification game.
You will need to find your own reason to stay or to go…


Just reviewed this wise decision that you made a week ago @Tazman

Having seen the roster you posted in December, it looks like you got more heroes than the rate of materials will allow for and unfortunately, have hit the road block.

Heroes are certainly a double edged sword in that respect.

As per the advice a week ago, look out for Farholme pass and enjoy the grind or maybe find something with a pace that suits you better.


Can I also ask if you’re in an alliance?

The social aspect of the game keeps a lot of us playing and war and titans are a good source of materials.


Emblems are best used on maxed 4*/5* heroes. If you don’t have a couple of those, then not getting emblems yet would not impact your gameplay and you might want to focus on getting ascension materials.

You need a solid rainbow 3* to do events and quests for gathering mats for your 4*, then a solid rainbow 4* team to gather mats for your 4* and 5* heroes. After you have a rainbow 4*, you can work on deepening your bench.

Titans are also a good source of mats. You would want to be in an alliance that stable in titan performance and takes big enough titans, but you can still score enough to be at least C category. Our alliance family has titans from baby size until 11/12* - so those who want have the possibility to move between family alliances for bigger titans.

If you have min 30 heroes, war is fun and also a source for mats in the war chest.

Mystic vision has actually given me high level mats, tonics and darts, even if that is rare, worth a try.

Good luck!


You are justified… :pray:t4:

Does that help? :wink:



In fact I am considering taking 60 days off.

I recently threw my phone across the room spending $200 chasing Ariel and all I got was multiple Wilbur ( I would have been happy with multiple Proteus).


Look after yourself @Gryphonknight


I just had very bad luck in this game not going to rage QUIT but 6 10x summons not 1 5* (hoping and praying but ok) but my real disappointment not 1 feature character NOW THAT BLOWS but that’s my lesson learned

Maybe another merger @littleKAF, we have a rant thread already?

Thanks. Noting how old this is and that the OP hasn’t been here for a while, I’ll just close it.