Give heroes an individual XP reward when used



I think something like this might (must) have already been suggested, but I couldn’t find any relevant posts doing a search, so… As the title say:

Give heroes an individual XP reward when used.

(Edit: Of course I found the post I knew I’d seen shortly after posting this, but there were no real (or specific) reasoning other than adding additional fun to the game, and no comments, so I consider this worth presenting as a more solid suggestion.)

So – why give heroes an individual XP reward when used?

The idea

This suggestion, which is in a way two interjoined suggestions, stems from 1) the tediousness of farming and 2) a nonexistent incentive to level up new (and even old) 3* (and thinking about it – certain 4* (and 5*)) heroes. You’re not there yet? Well, you will be.

Sure, when it comes to tedious farming, there’s loot tickets. I use them sometimes. But they add absolutely nothing to the gameplay – they are rather a (mediocre) way to counter a bad game design/experience = the need to farm, and the mind-numbing boredom of it.

When it comes to low level heroes, and some niche and/or higher level mediocre (or outright bad) heroes, I think it would be fun to use them, but I really have no reason to. None, whatsoever. I won’t risk world, raid or alliance energy for the ‘fun’ of using these heroes, and certainly not AW flags. I don’t compete in the rare category of challenge events, which would be the only use I’d ever have for a 3* hero.

For me, as a rather advanced player (= high level with a fairly decent hero roster), being able to use, and having a reason to use, low level heroes would really add to the gameplay. A lot of these heroes are really nice, and a bunch of them are, or at least were, pretty unique. And turning the tedious farming into something more exciting – come on. It needs to be done. It should be done. Combine these two prospects, and I’d say we have a winner.

I think it would be a great way to extend and add to the gameplay for everyone, or at least a very big portion of players – at a minimal (or at least manageable) cost (= loss of revenue) for SG. I’d still use loot tickets when short of time, and I know others will too. And leveling could be restricted or capped not to interfere (too much) with competitive gameplay like raids and events.

I think this would also be beneficial for a lot of players, and the community, as this would/could motivate players to use heroes (and/or special skills) they would otherwise not use, learning a thing or two about team composition and game mechanics in the process. That’s something even many advanced players would benefit from. It’s easy just using the heroes you’ve leveled, and level the kind of heroes you’re used to using. When ascension items are scarce, it’s easy to play it safe. Introducing a way to use lower level heroes in a meaningful way – like being able to farm – would be a good way to try them out and form a personal opinion.

The workings

The amount of XP isn’t really being discussed here. Being able to max a hero by just using it isn’t a realistic expectation. It might only be a small amount of XP gained this way, and/or only up to a certain point, or under certain circumstances.

There’s also a couple of practical issues and consequences needing to be addressed.

  • As we often farm for specific ingredients/items, lower level heroes would also restrict the map levels being possible to farm.
  • The XP award when using loot tickets.
  • The XP award when using auto-combat.
  • Other things.

Regarding the first issue - well, here’s my second (interjoined) suggestion:

Introduce an option for players having completed a season (and maybe having reached a certain hero/team power), making the monster power/difficulty of a map level relative to the team power used (not necessarily a linear relation).

This would make it possible to farm a certain map level while still using lower level heroes. I mean, you come to a point where you can just do auto-battles using your maxed heroes anyway, which certainly doesn’t add to the gameplay. Which is a big part of why I’m suggesting this; it will extend the relevance of existing content and add to the gameplay.

Regarding the second and third issue: Meh. No individual hero XP for using loot tickets? I’d have no problem with that. Auto-combat? Well, as you might lose the fight (depending on the difficulty level set by the first issues solution) – at least a proportional amount of individual hero XP? Or none, as the whole reason for this concept is to actually use and get to know the heroes.

Or, maybe more in line with the F2P/P2P concept: Every player gets hero XP by playing manually, but add the possibility to do auto-combat or use loot tickets while still getting hero XP to the VIP pass. A win-win.

So – some sort of concrete suggestion and/or TLDR;

1: Give heroes an individual XP reward when used – specifically on map levels and when using lower level heroes.

Make the XP gain noticeable and worthwhile. Maybe cap it at tier 2 = player will have to pay for ascension to tier 3 and do normal leveling from there.

This could be an integral part of the game, benefiting players of all levels, tied to reaching a certain power level (player level, hero power, team/roster power) or completely tied to suggestion number 2.

2: Give players having completed a season (maybe in combination with reaching a certain power level) the option to play/farm that season with monster power relating to team power.

Make the difficulty somewhat challenging.

Now what?

Well, it’s an idea. What did I not consider? What Other things need to be addressed, if one were to suggest a practical implementation making it easier for SG to adapt/adopt this? Maybe the suggestion is just stupid and/or naïve. What do I know. You could always tell me that, if you don’t like the idea. :smiley:

Good Idea: NEW way to level up hero using RPG system

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