Give Global Chat Rooms a Featured Message with Rules and Code of Conduct

I noticed recently that there were several topics in General on this forum discussing ways of improving the chat. The one lacking thing that sticks out to me the most is that the rules surrounding what you’re allowed to do and not do are a bit unclear.

Request: please put the expected rules of each global chat room in a featured message, similar to the way Alliances can set their own featured message.

When you enter a global chat room, the rules are quickly displayed in a message and then vanish. You can also click the :question: icon to see more.

But eventually the chat room discussion will drown it out.

Some chat rooms were also created for specific purposes, but for some, it isn’t clear just by the name whether there are extra rules. For example, Alliance Recruitment (AR) has specific rules, but they’re in SGG’s website, not present in the game chat room themselves. Wouldn’t it make sense to have a condensed version of this message in a featured message on that global AR chat room too?

With the new featured message that alliances have, I think something similar could be implemented for global chats; set the featured message on the global chat rooms to be this message with the rules. It’s the same implementation for alliance chats, but just applied to global instead. I think putting the expectations of rules out in a more accessible manner that does not get drowned out will give a better experience for all players and staff.

NOTE: I am simply suggesting a feature here to improve the global chat room experience. Please do not turn this topic into a debate about individual cases regarding chat room moderation or banning. This is not what it is, please do not break the Forum Rules - Please Read.

I agree that Rules, Policies, Code of Conduct and Expectations are all warranted. From what I’ve been reading I think because it’s self-monitored there has been an issue.

This forum states the rules and because it’s moderated, those rules can be enforced.

I guess an analogy would be having two highways - one with the rules posted with no police and one with the rules posted with police.

I’m sure we can all figure out what would happen on the first highway :grin:


Voted on and will share. :clap:

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The rules should be specific. For example how often can ads be posted in AR?


There is no enforced rule for that.
There was a ton of arguing when the Experienced room was opened about what can and cannot be posted there, and Petris response was always “we let the community decide”, so basically turned into whoever shouted loudest got their way.
The only written rule is no flooding, if you can see your ad twice with little or no scrolling then you’re doing something wrong. 3-5 minutes between ads is an etiquette thing that was agreed on by the majority of players in AR 18 months or so ago and always kept the room working nicely.


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