Give finley a monacle

Finley is already amazing but with one gold monacle he will look even more amazing. This is my idea no need for rude comments.

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Based on past experience, SGG is extremely reluctant to change art. 3+ years, only one piece of art has ever been retroactively changed ( looking at you commando upskirt art ).

Update: Also the promotional art was retroactively changed.

It would be cool if you could create some fan art and post it in #community-content



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If I recall correctly, the in game promotional art is referring to the initial loading screen, and perhaps the cut scenes.

It could be also referring to the Apple App store art which is being recycled for Mythical Titans ( this AMA is very old ).



… and that was a useless and pointless change given the fact that Danzaburo did not get that much more needed bra…




Danzaburo was originally commando, also.


Famous or not it still needs a bra! You don’t see Hollywood stars walking around topless (unfortunately) and they’re famous too :wink:… maybe not quite as famous as Danzaburo, but still…

I wholeheartedly concur and hereby cast my vote for this suggestion.

What a grand spectacle it will be if it happens!

Good gaming!


Danza’s male, so allowed to go topless… Double standards.

If i recall correctly Jahangir face has been changed 3 times in the past :roll_eyes:

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I’ll vote for it because it’s a great idea.

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