Give emblems to Element Defense down heroes?

Give emblems to Element Defense down heroes?

They’re great for titans and raids/wars if you stack but did you give them emblems?

Falcon and Frida would split paladin emblems.

I’m regretting having given to panther and eve because as 5*, they can hold their own vs 12* unlike falcon and jackal.

Maybe when higher lvl titans are introduced, I may change my mind.

Main reason for asking is I only have +3 for poseiden and alasie who are on my defense team.
For daily cups, it’s not an issue but I feel like I weaken my war defense.

And I’m not sure what to do with Frida, thanks for advice.

I strongly agree with emblems on Falcon and Jackal.

I’m less convinced about using them on the 5*. Delilah has my fighter emblems—having a reviving healer is so powerful. Falcon needs those paladin emblems more than Frida, and there are so many great options for ranger that Evelyn isn’t going see any of those soon.


I have emblems on all those heroes except Jackal, and I would give him emblems if I didn’t have Alice. Falcon needs the survivability to compete with 5*s. Frida is simply one of the best choices among the generally mediocre Paladin heroes. Panther is awesome, and could use the extra survivability due to her offensive star line. She competes with Delilah and Poseidon who also make great use of the fighter ability, but all of them are worthy of emblems contingent on your roster. Evelyn is perhaps the hardest to justify given the large number of high quality rangers - Lianna, Seshat, Alasie, Athena, Gregorian. However, I regularly use Evelyn, Lianna, and a Gregorian as a green team, and in that scenario Evelyn is the only hero who takes advantage of the ranger’s pierce ability, since she dispels buffs before Lianna or Greg can hit. TLDR they’re all great heroes who you use often and therefore are good choices to emblem. Your decision just depends on the rest of your roster and who you use frequently.


What path did you take for Jackal and Falcon? I have Falcon at +20 and Jackal at +13. I went Defense, Health, Attack for both with the thinking that their special is more valuable than their tile damage, so I want them to stay alive and don’t feel like wasting an item slot on a revive scroll. I’m second guessing that choice now :stuck_out_tongue:

I plan to give both Falcon & Jackal at least 1 emblem when I finish maxing them.

I am also leaning to prioritizing defense & health since the special is more important than the attack boost itself, and surviving is key.

I love that defense. Still though, I’d prefer higher tile damage for titans :confused: but I want him to stay alive to keep firing against the titan… ugh… :stuck_out_tongue:

On Jackal I mostly was going Def > Health > Attack, though i took the attack% rather than mana and, on the final split, chose the attack route. Still dithering about going to +20, but probably should formtitan damage.

Too late to change course, I went along the attack path for both. My reasons below.
Falcon needs attack, his defense is pretty high.
Defense path won’t help Jackal much, doubt it makes a difference vs 13

Planning to take Falcon to +20, stopping Jackal at +18 and starting on dupe Jackal now. Maybe I take him more along the defense path. :smile_cat:

With Miki 3/70 and his silence, hoping this will keep them alive, so far working vs 12*.

I’m going down the attack route for Falcon as well.

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