Give better rewards

It seens rewards are every day worse it’s time to do something

It would be great if you could just give us the rewards shown. But it’s like the summons luck of the draw. I still say I don’t go to a store or dvd rent movie place. So that I can be told you can’t purchase this or that item. You can only get the ones we decided to let you have. They know that if they did business that way it would be the end of their business. Plus they would probably have to go to bankruptcy. Not mention all the stuff they have to sell to recoup some of the :moneybag: they invested. Why is it so hard for the devs to get the logic. People who play games do it to win rewards and level up. If not able to make it they quit and try to find another game. Some what of a similar type as the one they enjoy playing. Sincerely yours, CabinBeaver56 P.S. It reminds me of the time I played the Big Farm game 3 years ago. What farmers do you think would be able to make it in the world. If they sold harvests, and they’re stock for a 1/4- 1/3 of the cost of the original purchase. We the people would starve and die.

You do go through bad stuff in loot! Mystic visions chests etc.
But in mystic visions the last few days got a telescope, level 3 dark hero! Cool makes up for the stuff I usually get!
Got a trap tool from and hidden blade this week from titan hits! Grade C

Probably the next few times I get loot ain’t gonna be great! Take the rough with the smooth! Just fill them chests up do any quests that can give you anything worthwhile!

its RNG , please your ladyluck , she will grant your wishes to get better loot.

i just finsihed *11 epic titam with A+ score , what i got is 10 Gem , 1 Glove , 10 Emblem lol , yeah its suck but well its spice of life , but i dont demand to SGG to give better rewards , i accepted it as RNG and i am sure that someday i will get better rewards

The rewards have gone downhill big time the higher I level up. I’ve been waiting around 10 months for Acension items for my 2 5 star heroes! I have had only one option this whole time to receive a damascus blade and I missed the timeout on the quest.

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