Give back all emblems when resetting talent trees with gems

The one thing we all identified in beta was that if there was no penalty for reseting emblems, large whale would simply swap emblems with no impediment to passing them around over and over. There had to be a decent penalty for swapping so that if there was a one time swap for moving emblems from a 4 star to 5 star it wasn’t awful, but something that would dissuade people from swapping emblems from 4s to 4s or 5s to 5s over and over again.


I like the current method of a small penalty for moving emblems. But I would like to see a monthly or even bi-monthly reset button to all players. Just enough to help players reset mistakes, but not for massive movement by whales.


Old thread but another vote for fixing this problem…I have received exactly 1 reset token since the original and as a result, I have only been able to experiment twice from my original decisions months ago. There are a bunch of ideas in this thread on how to mitigate the P2W scenarios. Please SG fix this game mechanic!

I’m removing my vote, and have flagged this thread to get closed.

Today’s Trials of Shadows and the previous Trials of Piety included a Reset Emblem as loot for completing them.

At the time of writing this, I don’t know if the Reset Emblem is guaranteed for only certain class quests, or if it’s random loot for everyone like an Epic Troop Token in Recruits II (either everyone can get it, or no one gets it for the duration of the quest).

Although resetting with gems still doesn’t give back all emblems as originally requested, the guaranteed Reset Emblems reward for everyone (even if it is in a cycle or random) has made access to them more accessible to both free and paying players. Thus, more opportunities to get all emblems back via Reset Emblems.

Thank you for your votes and for your discussion here! :slight_smile:


Closing per request of OP.