Give back all emblems when resetting talent trees with gems

I’d shift to one reset/week. Otherwise you get this problem:

Guardians of Teltoc starts!
Thursday: move emblems to 3* heroes; set amazing score
Friday: move emblems to 4* heroes; set amazing score
Saturday: move emblems to 5* heroes; setbamazing score

The food/iron cost may be high, but getting top-10 or even winning all three tiers this way pulls in a lot of goodies.


Totally agree. If there’s one thing I don’t like about SG, is that they tend to be very focused on making you spend money with every decision. It’s almost too greedy. If you’re going to force me to spend gems to get back my stuff, give me everything back.

You’re keeping 5% of the emblems, all the food, all the iron, and charging me for that. Now you’re stealing from your customers. That’s how I feel.

Cool idea, why not?
Nice usage of recources.
If you’d be rich on ham.


Personally I dislike using gems to reset.

As a compromise I would like a 1 week timer ( each hero would have an individual timer viewed from the talent grid ) that can be sped up by a tiny amount of gem - maybe 30g - or a reset token.

For war, and Tourney, resetting you emblems on your DEFENSE team would be allowed.

For war, resetting your emblems on a hero ALREADY used, for an attack, would automatically trigger SPECTATOR MODE.

For Tourney, resetting your emblems on a
Hero ALREADY used, for an attack, would count as 4 defeats per hero you reset during a Tourney.

Reset emblems ( Edit3 )

Some good points here.

What if you could craft 1 reset emblem per day - 23 hours- AND Buy 1 reset emblem - 75g? - per day? So maximum would be 2 reset emblems per 23 hours.

@Rook suggested something similar.

You could hoard the reset emblems until your favorite Challenge event just like you can hoard crafted and, shop bought, battle items.

They could even have a reset bundle sale during each Challenge event.

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Instead of adding and removing, why not have a feature where u can SEE the progression in stats, but not necessarily commit till U push the confirm button? I mean thats the real argument, right? “Theoretical build”. If I take this route, it’ll look like this, but If i go this way, it’ll look like that! That’s cool! Click to confirm. Done. No commitment, no gems, no loss of revenue for SG or players.

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Now this is an idea I can get behind – one I suggested in beta, in fact. What I’d like to see is a “Commit” button to confirm a path, and until you hit that button, you can alter the build pattern as you wish. You can’t play with the hero, but at least you can test some things.

Honestly, though, what you really need to use is something like the spreadsheet linked here:


Great idea. I was wondering why you didn’t get them all back in the first place.

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A 72 hr reset is reasonable.

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You can buy ham

Plus players know how to stock the hell out of ham for days like those anyways


Buying ham is probably the worst waist of gems and there will be not many paying 100s of bucks just to have another emblemed ready, but I see the problem with tc stored ham.

Well if it helps you get a high rank in challenges, the rewards are well worth it.

If everyone does it, ur just back to being 35001st place tho

I think the solution is to drop reset gems about once a month, with rng of course to piss people off.

This provides enough to experiment with talents but not enough to abuse for raids and events.

The actual numbers of ham are insane and not sustainable - you would have people exploiting it for a little while but then it would stop. And i mean 1 or 2 weeks absolute max. Read up and you will see my post.

I feel that the emblems rob us of the good feeling of having finished a hero. I really enjoyed getting a hero to max and then move on to a new one.

This way we will never be close to maxing out all heroes, so in my opinion it would be way better if we would collect emblems but spend them on all our heroes of the right class (so if you have x amount of druid emblems, you can get x amount of talents on all your druids if you pay the food and iron cost). If it takes 2 years to collect enough emblems to get a 5* completed, then it will take 10 years to get a 5* monoteam… lets say they increase the droprate and it takes half the time, it’s still way to much work and worries.
Even if we didnt have to collect any more emblems after getting all required to max a 5*, it would cost alot of food and iron to get them to 20. This way we could also max out 3s and 4s without having to worry about great gem costs or making the wrong choice.
Reset tokens would be used for changing the path chosen in the talent tree, maybe you wanted more armor and health instead of attack.

Hopefully they will do something like this or completly remove the emblems.

(I’m very c2p, and realize that people with deep benches of 5s will get an advantage over others but thats no different than before emblems were implemented)

The one thing we all identified in beta was that if there was no penalty for reseting emblems, large whale would simply swap emblems with no impediment to passing them around over and over. There had to be a decent penalty for swapping so that if there was a one time swap for moving emblems from a 4 star to 5 star it wasn’t awful, but something that would dissuade people from swapping emblems from 4s to 4s or 5s to 5s over and over again.


I like the current method of a small penalty for moving emblems. But I would like to see a monthly or even bi-monthly reset button to all players. Just enough to help players reset mistakes, but not for massive movement by whales.


Old thread but another vote for fixing this problem…I have received exactly 1 reset token since the original and as a result, I have only been able to experiment twice from my original decisions months ago. There are a bunch of ideas in this thread on how to mitigate the P2W scenarios. Please SG fix this game mechanic!

I’m removing my vote, and have flagged this thread to get closed.

Today’s Trials of Shadows and the previous Trials of Piety included a Reset Emblem as loot for completing them.

At the time of writing this, I don’t know if the Reset Emblem is guaranteed for only certain class quests, or if it’s random loot for everyone like an Epic Troop Token in Recruits II (either everyone can get it, or no one gets it for the duration of the quest).

Although resetting with gems still doesn’t give back all emblems as originally requested, the guaranteed Reset Emblems reward for everyone (even if it is in a cycle or random) has made access to them more accessible to both free and paying players. Thus, more opportunities to get all emblems back via Reset Emblems.

Thank you for your votes and for your discussion here! :slight_smile:


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