Give a hand to Proteus

Gullinbursti which is as good as Proteus if not better (depending how you use them) gives an extra hit to all when you try to debuff him plus he penetrates the dodge skill. So why Proteus doesn’t have the same help? For example when the mana of an enemy hero is full Proteus cant block the mana of the hero in order not using his special (only for 2 turns instead of one). Why not changing that?

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Say hello to this guy. They’re simply different specials.


Yes I understand what are you saying and the heroes that can make mute are different and so on. But I think what I’m saying is a little bit different. I’m talking about the ‘‘details’’. Why Gullinbursti bypasses the dodge or why when you try to debuff him he hits either way when it’s not wriiten in his card? Why Cadilen costume sometimes dodge the debuff? In the same spirit… why Proteus doesn’t block immediately a full mana hero and let him fire? Is the game giving an extra advantage to some heroes? And is this fair? I’m questioning these things. And I think this is a valid question. :slightly_smiling_face:


Proteus blocks mana generation not the use of special skills.

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Proteus is good as it is.

Why to change what was never wrong?

If you don’t like… don’t use.

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I think you are rude right now. @JakimDaHorta gave their opinion and they are not aggressive. Maybe you don’t understand descriptions of heroes specials.
Proteus just blocks mana regeneration, that’s all. He does not silence enemies preventing them from firing their specials. Proteus is good as it is and does not need any “help” by changing his special.

Gullibursti special description: “When the effect ends, the caster deals 164% damage of all enemies.”
Ends = 4 turn pass/his status effect is dispelled.
As you can see, his description is correct and detailed.

Description: “All allies get +45% chance to dodge Special Skills”
Special skills include dispell skills. Again, everything is fine here.

Proteus: “The target and nearby enemies can’t gain mana for 3 turns”
So if enemy’s mana is full they still can use their special, because Proteus does not block that.

There is no hidden skill and I don’t think that Proteus needs a buff.


I have a better idea. Make Proteus very fast and give him 50% mana from the start passive. Also, consider him attacking all enemies instead of just 3. Prolonging his special duration would also help


I think you are the only one being rude here @noname2 , and especially to @Sorvina who has politely and patiently tried to explain things to you.

Or are you just here to start a fight?

Now if you care to try to understand:

When you try to debuff/dispel Gullin, it causes the effect to end - that is why damage still happens!

Bypassing the dodge: do you mean that Gullinbursti damages a hero with Dodge active? this is the part I cannot answer, as I do not have a screenshot of a dodging hero not being damaged. But then again, even if a Dodge is active (by C-Kadilen’s special, or with Rogue talent), there is no 100% dodge, so it should by logic be possible to hit even when a hero has a Dodge active. So if Gullinbursti hits C-Kadilen while her dodge is active, then it has a chance to hit.

And @Sorvina has already explained very well why C-Kadilen can dodge a dispel: because she can dodge specials, and a dispel is a special.


That escalated quickly in only 7 posts from a rather normal post wishing that a hero could be better to an all out rant including insults against players.


I think it cannot be dodged, because Kadilen can dodge a special skill only, but Gullin’s damage is not a skill, but an effect that happens when his status effect ends? Or sth like that. Technically not a skill. :slight_smile:

Ps. Gullin’s damage can’t miss when he is blinded, by i.e. Joon, too.


Exactly this.

Kadi also can’t dodge active burn damage for example…

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other people have already addressed the mana block vs. special skill block, so i’ll address this part:

dodge heroes will dodge special skill casts, so if dodge is active and you try to cast Proteus, there’s a chance that heroes with a dodge buff will completely dodge Proteus’s special skill.

however, if you either successfully hit a hero even with dodge or afflict them with the ailment damage before they receive a dodge buff, they cannot dodge the poison damage after they receive the poison ailment.

Gullinbursti works exactly the same way. the passive damage is treated as ailment damage, so dodge (and taunt for that matter) is ineffective against it. that “rage” buff will always hit all enemies even if they have a dodge buff. Gullinbursti (and An-Windr) is unique in this way because the pig procs ailment damage not by casting an ailment on enemies but by casting a buff on himself.

evidence for Gullinbursti’s damage being treated as an ailment:

  • card language: whether it’s Proteus’s poison or Gravemaker’s burn or Gullinbursti’s rage, the cards all read that “enemies receive damage” when an ailment is involved. there is no additional “casting” going on, so there’s no chance for a dodge buff to have a chance to dodge anything.
  • turn order: Gullinbursti’s passive damage procs at the same point in turn order as other ailment damage, whether poison or burn or frost or what have you.
  • special effects: Reuben’s ailment cutting buff and the Slayers’ passive resistance cuts Gullinbursti’s damage in half.

i understand you wish proteus did more. That can be said of every hero in the game. Why does Rigard only cleanse? Why cant he debuff too? They should make him better. im joking, obviously, but Proteus is a great hero. Savor that mana gain block and enjoy victory!

You guys a right, Proteus is a good hero and as every old hero, compared to the current meta, we wish they do a bit more. I will like to see SG to do something special with these old heroes like use some type of card or material to help them to learn a new skill form a list of skills. I think that would be neat or at least start giving costumes to 4*s to improve their stats


I have not observed this! Since I hardly use Inari against team with Gullinbursti…but my guess is the dodge should also apply based on the %chance…if not, then it will be inconsistency, since the berserk damage is clearly written under Gullinbursti special skill and not passive or something else.

This statement will be inconsistent with Inari dodge for example it says "dodge special skills " in this context special skill would be damage dealing and non damage dealing., the after effect berserk damage from Gullinbursti is still part of his special skills and it’s damage dealing hence should be subject to Inari’s dodge…

but it’s considered a status effect and not special skill, that’s why it can’t get dogded / reflected / counterattacked…

I think there is a thread where this is perfectly explained for clarification…

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Exactly the point that the OP is making, the berserk damage was clearly stated under Special skill it wasn’t stated as status effect on the hero’s card…

well, in fact it IS stated…

see here:

OP also claims that Proteus doesn’t block enemy from using his special skill…
he blocks mana generation, not usage of special skill

If mana is full, they cast the special and after they don’t gain mana for 3 turns…