Gittinitdone! needs YOUR help to git-it-done! :D

Why do I play this game?

I worship competition with a group of teammates who have become my online friends and always have my back. If you feel the same, or want the same, join GITTINITDONE!!!, where devotion and devastation reign all while having fun!!

Because we face heavy titans and 100k alliances in wars, you will need to consistently have 1600+ trophies, a defensive rating of 3000+, the LINE app (or be willing to download it), and a willingness to use all titan and war flags every day to max your fun!

GITTINITDONE!!!-- where the chat is as fun as our name, but titans go to die.

Five spots left…filling up quick!.. so do not wait…

LINE ID: FunnyJezter
ALLIANCE: Gittinitdone!!!

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