Gimme New Green 5* Def down Hero

Correct me if I am wrong…
Cause so far I haven’t seen any 5* def down Green hero. (Only buddy which is 4*)
Yellow : White rabbit, vivica costume
Purple : Kunchen
Red : Santa
Blue : Athena, Isarnia, Finley
Green : so far I guess 0 for 5*

Hope there will be one. Maybe the next Green HOTM will be nice :laughing:


green does happen to have the lion share 5* attack debuffers.

If the colors are supposed to have parity, a def down green is absolutely called for. Preferably one that isn’t a wizard or druid :wink: .


this is elemental def down, it’s different. the idea would be a green 5* isarnia that stacks with eve.

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What does zeline do?

attack debuff. also she refuses to put on some pants. i dont know what her problem is.


Evelyn has an elemental defense down, other than that it’s Buddy

Check again she is wearing underwear

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Maybe with S3 coming up could be one but tend to find with different elements in heros there always one missed out Is there a fire dispeler?

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:thinking: fire dispeller… interesting. I am drawing a blank!! Awesome idea for a costume marjana would be to turn her into a domitia kind of dispeller.

How about a Green Wyrm with acid spray. It does poison DOT and defence down (armor degradation.)

Maybe the armor could decrease every turn for 4 turns instead of it all in an instant effect, to make it unique.

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Same as familys always a colour missing except wonderland.


5* costumed brienne with a dot? I like it!

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While on the topic of Parity, green is the only color with resurrection. I’d like to see every color have that too. (Red kinda has Tyr, but self only)

I’d like to see something with the opposite effect of revive- shorter faster battles instead of the prolonged drawn out affairs.

Agree with this. As I try to suggest for the next Blue HOTM to introduce the first Revive hero except Green.

Well but turned out only another slow mana, healing type hero. Pepehands :see_no_evil:

At least she has underwear now.

@voidstrike pants related discussion here, let’s call in the expert

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Refusal to wear pants is not a problem…if anything it helps encourage social distancing. Overruling complaint on pantless Zeline. No comment on underpants as we the pants liberation movement does not discriminate on commando vs non commando members.

On topic: Buddy is the only Green standard defense debuff hero.

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