Gillinbursti tank question

I am currently running Domitia, Mist, Kadilen costume, Glenda, Marjana

is Domitia, Kadilen Costume, Gillinbursti, Glenda, Marjana better?

Assuming they all have the same emblem level. Which they pretty much do.

Costume Kadilen would be the best tank option in there imo.

If you have an alternative yellow hero I think they would be better suited than Gulli


I’d agree with Guv but definitely consider Gulli for a war or tournament tank.

Mine absorbed 6 flags this war against similarly levelled diamond players .

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If Gullinbursti is evolved to the maximum. With the right way of the grid, it remains weaker than Kadilen costumed. I’d rather position him on a flank than in a tank.
For me, the best composition is Domitia, Gullinbursti, Kadilen costumed, Glenda, Marjana