Gilligan is trash. Any suggestions on a team that works for him?

I’ve tested him in raids and wars, but can’t seem to fit him anywhere.

His passive doesn’t charge fast enough (even with all LB2’s) nor is his damage high enough if he pops off. Am I missing something? Thought he was serviceable.

IMO He should at least hit all enemies being slow

My trash pile continues to grow: Mok-arr, Balur, Atomos, … RIP

I’ve Gilligan at 1/1 and never thought of levelling him. When the next SE comes he will be fed right away.

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So we’re voting for…? :thinking:

If you’re looking for team compositions, as the title suggests, then perhaps try the Gameplay board. Many knowledgeable players.

Or is the idea just to make them ‘hit all’?

I’ve seen Gilligan on some lower diamond defenses, so I really don’t know what the trouble is.

There really are far worse heroes.

Title says it all. He’s trash. At least he has better stats than s1 legendaries & that’s all.

I only faced him once or twice in war or raids. In defense, he seems only good when your team is nothing but buffs and that passive keeps going, but even then, I noticed he doesn’t hit hard enough or I have too many defensive buffs active for that slow mana speed on 3 enemies with probable bypass chance (rather than constant, e.g. Zagrog and Griffin) to do some damage. Was fun watching him go off every 2 turns though. Made me giggle.

As for teams to make him work offensively, Idk. His passive is specifically on gaining mana every time the enemy team has buffs active. I guess any heroes like Wilbur, who give enemies 1 buff, might make his passive give a little mana.

And if this post serves also as a “Buff Gilligan” thread, the easiest buff I can give is increasing the damage output on 3, especially if he bypasses any buffs, and either increasing or outright remove the conditional bypass chance.

  • Deals 330% damage to the target and nearby enemies.
  • The attack always bypasses defensive buffs, including counterattacks. OR The attack has a 80% chance to bypass defensive buffs, including counterattacks.
  • Deals an additional 15% damage to the target and nearby enemies, up to 405% in total.

The defense buff on all allies can either stay or be changed to something else. Could be a debuff on enemies. It kinda does nothing related to Gilligan’s passive.

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Share damage is a buff you can put on enemies, which will make Gilligan charge faster. If you’re in a situation where your Gilligan can fire pretty fast, then Hippo (or similar) can elevate those fast hits to dangerous levels.

beat team is Soul Exchange

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