Gilligan – 5* Holy / Yellow - March 2023 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

when I saw this hero’s stats and special - I thought hey, devs started to put 4* HOTMs!

Even Reuben is better…

Soul exchange fund, or Museum :smiley:

How is Reuben better?

I doubt that Reuben is better.
I really think that Gilligan can be useful against 2LB heroes, when they get buffs for X turn at the beginning of each battle.
So far Gilligan has been avoiding me, can’t pull him :neutral_face:


Thats not money, but its still pure luck. After 4 years I got these yellows:


Got this guy with 1 summon and bench him for now. Maybe ascend later if I dont have other options, but I still think he needs cLeo to go with.


Reuben is extremely bad. One of the worst. I had him maxed and tossed him to SE without regret. Would still do the same.

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Yeah, I’d Max 20 Gilligan’s before I maxed another Reuben. He’s a bottom-3 HoTM. Gilligan is very useful for certain players. Others will find him difficult to fit in.

The comment about these alpha ether buffs intrigues me. A lot. I am now viewing this a bit differently…

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Current Reuben is lite version of lewena actually.

Reuben is fast, hit 3, 260% damage (almost similar to lewena in certain things)

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Reuben is one of the few E&P heroes for which I personally found no redeeming qualities.


Do you have any Shame Zynga? Really you did a hero terrible broken one. Hope he gets massive buff cuz he is a garbage

Serviceable yes, garbage no. Klaern is garbage, balur is garbage.

Reuben has a little bit of niched use, being able to stack his buff with the slayers. I think that’s all

He is roaming around the forums taking dumps in various posts. Best to ignore.