Dear Devs, could you make a way to gift people…? I live in Canada, and can’t send people in the US Google gift cards… unless anyone knows a way to send people 10k in gems…?

Perhaps you could send them the info through an e mail or one of the chat apps?

You can’t use Canadian google cards in the U.S

Just paypal or vemo them money.

Well, as much as it’s possible to ‘go around’ it, it’s different to give someone money and to give someone gems/buy them a gold token, for instance. I think SG is losing out big time on not having gifting option in the game.

Buy google play card, get code, send code. They should be able to use the code at check out if they pick ‘Redeem’ as a payment option…

Hi, i don’t know you but i really love you :face_with_monocle:

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Me too. You’re my missing childhood best friend. Will send you my email to chat and keep in touch.

Canadian codes don’t work in the US… That’s stupid :confused:

Bastards !!!

I guess you just can’t do something nice for someone else these days…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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