Gifting gems other items to allaince members

Should be inplemented a gift sistem to buy (NOT TRANSFER) gems to other accounts.
Dont seems to be a difficult step… Many games provide this feature
Thank you.

Then ppl would hire bangladeshi rice farmer sons to farm gems and gift them all to main account:)


I mean ‘buy gems for other account’ and not transfer them to other

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You can do that. Buy a gift card loaded with money from whatever platform they are on. Example, google play store or apple store.


Yes… it’s a option.

Still prefer the gift directly available from in game shop.


I 100% agree! As an alliance leader, I want to help my teammates out on occasion, but if i give them google play money they could use it on anything in google play. I would love to help out some of my less fortunate players in my alliance directly in game and that way I KNOW where my money is going. i think its kind of ridiculous we cant.

The Devs need to take a long hard think on this, it might just make them a bit of cash…


Hi SG, I have a question/request. I have a kid from Sri Lanka (sunethra1960) in my alliance(forest friends) and would like to send him 1k of gems. Since I paid for it and this kid will never be able to (playing on his granny’s phone for some hours every day) I see no loss for you. Is there a possibility for transferring some gems to him. I wanna say he never begged me for something, just an idea to make him happy. Thanks for reply in advance🙂

@vanZille I’ve seen people talk about doing this by buying an iTunes or Google gift card for someone. You can send them electronically via email/LINE/etc.

I don’t think there’s currently a way to transfer or gift gems between players, and I imagine there may never be a way to transfer them at least, since it could be abused if someone were to farm gems or buy limited cheaper offers on one account, and transfer to their main account.

But it does seem like there could potentially be the option to buy them at full price as a gift for someone else without risk of abuse. Others have thought so too:

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Thank you, I’ll think about that, it’s not easy to talk to him cause we’re both no native speaker, but I guess I can find out which system he’s playing at. He’s always nice and polite and some kind of lucky charm for us🙂

Merged. :heart_decoration:

That’s a very thoughtful idea, I hope you can work out the logistics!

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I have seen and used this option in other games…usually there’s a “daily gift” button or something along those lines, and once a day you can send a little something to a certain amount of friends…nothing big-here it would be maybe a gem, a small potion, a low level crafting item…you get the idea.

I have also seen where you can request certain items…again nothing major…so perhaps if you’re short something, others know to choose that as your daily gift.

I can’t see where it would be a huge infringement on any financial gain for SG, and would be a nice little way in-game to show appreciation for your friends and teammates.

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I am afraid allowing gifting gems to others will attract scammers to rob other peoples accounts. Currently the game is quite scam-free as far as I can see. The moment people would start benefiiting from breaking into others’ accounts may dangerously change it.

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Oh my god no!

  1. spam from scams.
  2. I do not want to start a lot of accounts for the extraction of gems.

Sorry…i m new of this chat. I m writing for to understood how i can buy gems for a player of my alliance. Or i buy them and then how to transfer them to another player of my alliance. Can the founders of this play get into the play the possibility to buy gems for another player of the same alliance?

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I think being able to buy packs of gems to give to fellow alliance members would be a great option. Also an item similar to what we saw on valentines day would be great! Like every time someone in the alliance bought the 10000 gem pack everyone in the alliance got a 1000. It would be a give and share and drive people to buy more.

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We have a few members out for hospitalization and out on military duty, their families are trying to help keep the game going for them but as an alliance we’d love for there to be a way we could pool some resources to send them to help them out. Is there such a thing or can one be made?

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I am also interested in this. I noticed previously that one alliance made a ballot and prize for winner were free pulls in summon. It was done via some kind of voucher if I remember correctly. Are there any such options and if so how they work?

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Agreed as well as rewards for encourage players to communicate and be active

Just depends on setup if it’s through purchase in account you need a password to do so we could even do it from here so it could be closely watchef it worked nicely on Valentine’s Day