Gifting battle items arrived from an alliance memter

I have never seen this, nor anybody in my alliance know how to do it. In the alliance of someone I know, a player joined, was in the aliance for a few days taking titan hits, etc… and then a message appeared something like “[players name] sent you battle items”. It contained a titan banner, a hurricane and some other stuff that in this low level alliance would have been hard for someone to craft. Then, suspiciously, the player promptly left the alliance.

Anybody know anything about this?

It’s an offer that comes up during Mythic Titan Time: If you purchase the offer you get 5 of the items and all of your alliance members also get 1 of each item, you can claim them in your inbox. The offer can be purchased 2 times.


This offer has existed for months. Very similar to Valentine’s Day offer.

Although I’m f2p I enjoy the paying members of my Alliance for helping me out.


Here a few other threads that have the “share with allaince”.

Gonna close this…

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