Gift to team members

I would love the ability to gift to one another items from our inventory.

Messaging individual members would be super awesome too…

Just a couple thoughts

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Hi Jensing, there already are multiple threads existing on this and similar topics with lot more details. Please kindly check/search before you start a new thread. Helps everyone :grinning:
any further comments or thoughts on this preferably post here in a combined thread like below. Thanks

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And this thread for the other thought of yours :grinning:

And maybe this combined thread will be useful too :grinning:

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Yes exactly they need to make it so we can trade items and heroes amongst alliance members. I have been waiting for 6 months now to collect 3 rings to ascend my 1 hero and still got nothing. Like come on now. This is what is frustrating and takes the fun out of the game or make it so it can be purchased.

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