Gift the Alliance Leader

SGG can provide a gift to the Alliance Leader on a monthly basis. This gift can be forwarded by the Leader to one of its members.

The idea behind it is to have in-house alliance challenges, like the highest Titan hits, Alliance Wars, highest increase in defence team strength etc. The challenge is to be decided by the alliance themselves.

The gift should be substantial like an ascension material, Atlantis coins, gems etc. This will lead to better alliance cohesiveness imho, and to a better game community overall.

As leader of my alliance, I fully support this! I shall of course be keeping all of the gifts for myself.

LOL. Kidding. :grin:

I would love to be able to give out some sort of rewards to my alliance members. Though as I run a mixed alliance, I frown upon the idea of giving all praise to top scorers. The little teams need love too. In fact, they need it more than I do. If my alliance just focused on giving praise and rewards to our top scorers, majority of those boosts would go to the same 4 or 5 members every time. Our lower level mates would never be able to keep up, and that could actually be a negative for alliance cohesiveness.

I like where you’re going here, though… the idea has been brought up before to reward players for remaining in the same alliance for X number of days. It would be awesome if alliances had automatic rewards for all of their members that were tied to both their loyalty and growth within the alliance.

I’ll give you a vote, but my idea would be a bit different. Since as I said, my alliance has high level members that nearly always dominate leaderboards, it wouldn’t be fair to give them all the prizes all the time. But some other sort of variation where all members can earn perks after finishing certain milestones would be awesome.


I didn’t mean it as leaders only, as you very rightly pointed maybe dominated by few people. It could be as simple as leveling up the most, or a random selection, or I don’t know, posting the funniest joke maybe…
All I suggested that this could be a way for the alliance members to interact more and strengthen the game community.

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What a fun idea!! With an alliance of a huge level/skill range, I love the idea of being able to celebrate a member’s achievement each week. Maybe they had a new personal best titan hit, broke into diamond tier for the first time, finished maxing a high level hero, MVP war hit, etc Some of these wouldn’t be achievements for the higher level folks, but should still be celebrated. :smiley:

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In my alliance we all celebrate each others achievements. I like it; member level is not an issue.


I think it will be some discussion if someone get the reward more then others.
If SGG will make something they should make it for the hole alliance not just for the leader or just one player.
One player is not mightyer then a full alliance.

Just my oppinion !


I vote for this… give credit when credit is due :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Curious. What if there is more than one leader? Who chooses who gets it…

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@TGW I know you were joking just using as a situational example.

2 possible ways to prevent this:

  1. Limit how often a player could receive such an award
  2. Have an in-chat poll where the whole alliance decides who receives reward

Have my vote.

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LOL yes I was definitely joking. If the game ever gave me the power to distribute gifts to my alliance members, I would hope that they would include the option to give something to every one of them. Because they are all amazing in their own ways… in spite of all having very different rosters, spending habits, seniority, activity levels, etc. I just would find it very difficult to decide who is “most worthy” of a special reward… because they all are.

I know, I know… “what are you, one of these weakling millennials who thinks everyone deserves a prize just for participating? The one who gets the top score is the best, obviously, stop being a SJW”

Problem is… if I were to start a competition where whoever gets the top score in something gets the prize…

Well? Titans for example. LOL I have enough flasks saved up to solo kill a fairly large titan.

So I automatically win? :laughing:

Or let’s say wars. “Highest score gets the reward”. Okay so level 50 goes in and one shots all of our lowest level opponents, leaving nothing for our level 30s to hit. They say, “Top score, I win!”


That is not the kind of behavior I want to encourage in my alliance, at all, ever. If anything, my alliance’s motto should probably be

Fortune… not glory

Fortune for all. Glory for all. We are competing against the game, and against our enemies, not against each other.


@TGW Well said… what alliance are u in sir?


As a leader, i could agree with this idea, but when you think about other members, it’s a little unfair:
1 - not everyone can stay logged in the game all the time
2 - not everyone has enough heroes, or strong hero roster
3 - there would be an internal dispute that will probably generate discord, fights and even members leaving the alliance
4 - alliance is for everyone to work “together” …
What i think is that there could be some kind of task, in which the alliance could earn some reward, but together and not individually, sorry, but it’s just my humble opinion


I am against this idea. Prizes should be for everyone. This idea will cause problems within the coalition​:smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk:

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If it is a smaller “thing” and done once a week, leader can rotate through who gets it. Not a standing rule but as a special celebration of an achievement that week. Maxed your first 5*, broke 40k for the first time in a single titan hit, opposing team used up two flags for zero points against your defense, said something particularly kind to alliance mate struggling, took the time to give advice, etc. I would not do it for a high score every time for exactly reasons stated above- would foster a terrible attitude within the alliance.

Even if it was a pin that rotated around that people could put on their avatar pic. So it’s not free gems or summons but just a badge of honor that we all share.

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It is called The Ghost Ship.

It is a small, private, semi-casual group of mixed level players. We only kill mid level titans and only about half of us do wars, so I don’t bother with recruiting.

Exactly the same issue I have with it. Every one of my members shines in their own way. Should I give all the rewards to the ones who constantly get the highest hits? Obviously that’s going to be the same group of people nearly every time. Or should I give rewards to the “most improved”? How does one judge that? It’s a semi-casual alliance… some people log in several times a day and grind for hours, others might only have 15 minutes a day to play. Some have been playing for years, others only a few months. So how to reward? If I reward newer players, the older ones get upset. If I only reward the top scoring older players, the newer ones get upset. I’d prefer a system that rewards everyone.

I have imaginary “badges” that I give to all of my members in my own mind. Would be cool if I could give them titles or something like we have here. In the meantime, just congratulating them in alliance chat will have to suffice. :slightly_smiling_face:


When I left an alliance, I would put on events like most diamonds on screen or dragon heads, etc and reward the winner with like Amazon gift cards, etc. It built great team unity without any assistance from SG.

My idea is the following:

The alliance leader (or co-leader) can choose up to 5 (x) number of items from his inventory and click “Harvest”. One is always the “Gem”.


Gem (fixed)
Battle Items
Advanced Battle Items
Crafting Materials
Ascension Materials
Rare Ascension Materials

Maximum one in each category. So for example: Minor mana potion, Harpoon, Backpack, Mystic ring, Fighter emblem

Untill an item is being “harvested” after every 50 (y) pieces collected or crafted/transmuted by any alliance member 1 item goes into the “alliance pool”. The pool can be distributed by the leader or co-leader. The gems also land in the pool and can be spend in the shop to purchase AM’s, 10 days VIP, ETT, EHT, hero cap extensions, bulk of trainer heroes, battle items, pins, banners, etc… And send these “bundles” to an alliance member.

Since only a limited amount of items can be harvested at ANY given time the alliance has to coordinate it’s members to focus on crafting/collecting/transmuting certain items.

The gem harvesting encourage players to do the quests, getting better tier in tournaments, hitting higher titans, etc…

Exactly, and more, when you’re with some alliance, you make friends, and when you have to choose who will receive the “gift”, then one of other members start to see you as if them aren’t not so important, then they left the alliance, if someone have to give some reward, it’s the game, and not the leaders i think


Yes! And I love all of my members.

Are there some that maybe “contribute” more and get higher scores? Yes, of course. But big part of the reason for them getting higher scores is because they have stronger rosters.

Not saying I don’t appreciate and :heart: them for all that they bring to the table, I absolutely do. But if it ends up turning into a high score contest? Our lower level players don’t stand a chance. If I switch it around to give the prize only to low level people who level up and get a higher score than usual? Then I’m “punishing” our higher level players who rarely level up and consistently get top scores.

There is no real fair way to judge who is “most deserving” of bonus loot.


The intention was not give a prize to the “highest” scorer. It could be decided by member votes for someone who guides or supports the others. I meant it as a way of team building rather than a competition. :slight_smile:

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