Gift Hero 2018 – Add Option to Gift a Hero to Another Player for 300 Gems

I have the idea that the player can give a hero to another player for 300 jewels

Would not really work in the game economy to do it for the same price as heroes summons, cause in that case there’s would be no reason to try the summon for 300 gems when at the same price you can get what you want for sure


Maybe more 500 j or about money

I’d say more 30000 gems where maybe 1000 go to the seller and the rest are wasted… I mean, I don’t speak about personal experience, I’m very very C2P, so I’ve never done dozens of pulls together, but I read several posts in this forum where someone complains he couldn’t pull a HotM in 40 or so pulls and the more expert players replied that 40 pulls give you just a tiny chance to pull the HotM. 40 pulls are 4x 10x pulls, that is 4x 2600 gems = more than 10k gems.

If the devs listen to your idea and with the next release I’ll be able to buy gravemaker for 500 or even 2000 gems from someone who pulled 5 (this happens when one is trying to get a specific event hero like guinevre or panther), nobody would try his luck on the summons nevermore. And yes, while this would be very appreciated by the players it would cut SGG earnings to the ground, so I don’t see it very likely

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If it’s a gift to help your alliance why would you expect anything in return?

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