'Ghosts is Recruiting

'Ghosts is an active alliance with international membership. We are looking for more nice and active people to join us.

  • 9* titans, 3 or more flags required.
  • War is optional, must use all flags if opted in.
  • War flag use is FFA, use on your schedule.
  • We are adults, but our chat is mostly “clean”. We have occasional chattiness but usually on the quiet side.
  • Communicate absences.

Ideally, new members will have 30+ ascended heroes for wars. Our opponent team power typically ranges from 3500 to 4500.

You can line me at jackspratnml if you have any questions, or join in game if we’re a good fit.

War is over and we’re inviting new members to join us.

We have room for more daily active people to join us.

We have openings for more active players.

Come join us for Valor. No reason to alliance hop, get all your titans here.

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