Ghosts and Ninja Tower

Does anyone know if the ghosts (Ammeona, Stonecleave–are there any others?) avoid Oni Curses when in Ghost Mode?

Already thinking about how I can climb further next time…

Thanks in advance!

In theory, Ghost skills could not avoid the oni curses as it is not a status effect but a challenge modifier requiring player intervention to avoid it, if possible. I just don’t know whether this theory is applicable in the live game as I havent use those ghosting heroes.

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During the last Ninja Tower event I remember that one of my dead heroes got an Oni Curse after he had been dead.
If death can not prevent a hero to be cursed, then I am pretty sure that the Ghost form can not prevent that either…
I have not used tried it.
Maybe these Ghost form heroes can be useful in early stages to climb higher as the Ninja can not attack them (except the yellow one to Stonecleave), but later the Ghost form duration is reduced significantly by the Eratic Time Deadly Chamber effects.

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Nah I tried it with amennoa she got cursed during ghost mode.


My Bane died while having the oni-curse count down. He still got cursed anyway.

This makes me think that ghost effects would not avoid this fate as well.

Thanks everybody. Back to the drawing board!

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