Ghostly Garden Gnomes - An alliance for the rest of us!

Ghostly Garden Gnomes is a new alliance!

This alliance is for people in that middle area that no one seems to want. Put it this way, if you like this game and are logging in each day to check out your heroes, upgrade your base and farms, enjoy the wars and Titan killing, enjoy chatting with your alliance members and want to improve, then we are for you!

This game is a slow burn. You either are in it for the long haul and want to enjoy the ride, or you will quit and get frustrated because you can’t get everything RIGHT NOW. We understand and enjoy the slow burn. Come enjoy it with us!

No Line required, no being told what to do. Just a fun place to be!

Free imaginary puppy if you join us in the next 48 hours!

All colors and breeds available!

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