Ghosting vs. Hitting with Tiles and spotting diamond patterns / combos

Hi there,

I’m quite new to the game and I had some questions about the game mechanics…

  1. Generally speaking, is it better to ghost tiles and hit the monsters with your special attacks, or should I just hit the regular ones with the appropriate tiles?

  2. Do you guys generally use your specials right away (when it makes sense) or do you keep them stored for the bosses?

  3. I’ve seen some videos of advanced players and they generally seem to get much better tiles / boards than I usually do. I try to look for diamond patterns as good as I can, but sometimes I get lost in trying to make one instead of just killing the monsters.

Any advice in getting better recognizing patterns for diamonds and combos?


Honestly the more you play the better you become at changing bad boards to good boards and recognizing how (and when) to go for cascades.

I’d suggest not auto playing while farming. It helped me get better at finding those hidden gems in the board (see what I did there? :wink:)

If you can have as many of your specials charged for the boss round as possible. But you also don’t want your heroes on their last legs from a bad board, so use with discretion.

Pay attention to the mana speed of your heroes. The fast and very fast are much faster charging up their specials. So don’t be afraid to use these heroes early if you need too.

I’m sure you will get a lot of better help from the veterans here than I provided. Good luck!! May RNGesus smile upon your summons.


@PapaHeavy already touched on everything I was thinking of! Everyone has different styles of play. With practice, you can find the kind you like and make better decisions.

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Good advice above - I’d add:

  • Make sure you hit opponents with strong tiles (eg, blue hitting red, etc), and charge up those specials that will help you take out a selected enemy target (like a tank or healer);
  • Use all of your specials until all but one of the opponents (or two very weak ones) are gone. Try to leave the last opponent in the corner, so you have plenty of room to ghost;
  • Ghost tiles of all colors to charge up your five heroes, then kill the last enemy with tiles (unless it’s too strong and too big of a threat, in which case kill it off quickly);
  • Fire off all specials at the new row of opponents, starting from one side (for relatively equal-strength opponents) or starting vs the target (as with a tank or healer).

You may find you’ve knocked off about half the enemies, and killing the rest and charging up again for the next round is that much easier. GL! :slight_smile:


Another consideration is team composition - which heros should you take to battle? Mono vs Rainbow vs Stacked heros - will all have an effect on potential tile damage.

There are lots of forum threads on this topic to learn more.

Good luck.

Thanks for your answers. I suspected it’d come down to lots and lots of practice. :slight_smile: ah well, it’s not like I won’t have time for it while waiting to level up my base :wink:

I’m actually curious too. More specifically, is there a thread somewhere with advice on who to hit first?

I think I’ve heard the general strategy of powering up on the healer and then firing if the tank is a healer. What if the healer is in the corner/the tank is a blaster? Should you always just try to power up on healers wherever they are (even tho it’s hard)? And avoid counterstrikers?

Play the Combo Challenge when farming: Combo challenge

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There’s a selection bias to these videos of top players having great boards more often. Of course more often videos will be selected for upload which show a ‘perfect attack’. Usually after discarding 10 other videos with less noticeable results.

1: Depends if you’re close to charging a hero skill or not. If you need the extra mana oomph from ghosting, then ghost those tiles.

2: Depends on the special. If I start a new wave with my Grimm hero (4*, lowers defense) and his mana is full, then I’ll use his special. But if there’s one enemy left, I may try to hold it and see if I can kill the enemy with tiles instead, unless it’s the last enemy left.

Healing skills I’ll keep charged until they’re needed though.

3: you’re not on a timer to make matches, unless you’re doing a challenge event or a titan battle.

For diamonds, recognize the L shape match, the I shape match, and the T shape match. Also look for matches that can combo and make a + shaped match (this one must be made through a combo). Those are the match 5 patterns to look and see if they’re possible to make. For combos, try and make more regular matches before popping any diamonds or dragon gems.

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