Ghosting or hitting questions

in situations like this and variations

when is it best to ghost in the gaps (or, in the case presented, to get rid of “hero missing” tiles) or to just hit directly?

The most obvious reason to ghost is when you’re low on HP and your foes have active counterattacks.

The next would be if you’re facing a tough foe you do want recharging too quickly.

The most obvious reason to ghost is that it charges your mana at twice the speed, while charging the enemy’s heroes mana more slowly…

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In this situation I’d ghost.
1 the flanks are close to being charged so I’d delay them
2 since you’re playing 2-1-1-1 the tile damage won’t add too much value.
3 it’s a race to kill alfrike


You hit directly when enemy is charged and about to fire. Hitting them won’t increase their mana since they are already full.

In your case I’m matching the far right blue (since your blue hero is close). Next move yelllow enemy probably will be full mana and then I’m matching the purple/ green combo mid board. Hopefully that will fill your purple hero to fire next

I always prefer to ghost tiles in any scenario as it charges mana twice the speed and enemies mana charge at slow speed… win win situation…
In ur case, four heroes r of different colours so hitting enemies with tiles will not cause any significant damage rather charge them up at super speed!!
So why hit them if u have a gap to ghost the tiles??

If we observe carefully, than Anne is at the verge of getting fully charged so best move would be to move purple with green tile in center, clearing path to match yellow in next move…

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I would ghost the greens hoping for purples.

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I would sent the greens into Richard, charging Domita (or getting her very close) and setting a yellow match for the next turn wich will charge Anne and get Viv close. I think that’s the best move on the board.