Ghost roster

Hi everyone, I have an idea that I think many people would like to see implemented. I have put a lot of time into this game but there is a problem that I see myself having down the road. As a loyal member of my alliance I do my part to attack the titan every day… now with AWs I need to be there for that as well. However, at some point I will take a vacation… as many people do. I don’t like the idea of having to leave my alliance because I’ll be gone for a week or two… heck even a missed day could be the difference of a titan escaping or being defeated. This brings me to the ghost roster feature.

I would like to see a few ghost roster spots added for members who can’t be active due to real life obligations etc. leaders could add and remove members into these roster slots as needed. While they are in the ghost roster AI takes over for their titan attacks and AW attacks. The titan damage could be based on their current damage averages. As far as the AWs, it would be better then nothing having them attack.

I don’t want any AI to be involved in the titan attacks or Alliance wars.
I would rather have some spectator slots for the alliance (let’s say 5).
If you go in vacation, you can park your hero there.
Once you move your hero in the spectator slot, there’s nothing happening but this way the leader(s) know you cannot be active and you leave your spot available in the alliance.
Anybody that’s coming to join the alliance after that can take your place but they are on a temporary slot and they see that and they can choose to join on a temporary slot or not.
If you quit or the leader(s) remove you from spectator slot, the new comer becomes permanent.

That works for me. I just don’t like the idea of having to leave my alliance after being part of it for so long because I want to take a break.

Just because I’ve seen “vacation mode” functioning well in other games - I would like to add that iron and food generation should be halted. If you go on vacation for a week theres no point in having your outpost full up just to lose cups that entire week.

I can see the problem with watchtowers being full all the time for long periods, but I see no issue with farms and mines being full after a week or two away.

Most other games I was referring to don’t actually separate a certain amount for being stolen, which is why I didn’t specify myself. Watchtowers should at the least be shut down… Whether or not farms and mines do as well I’m indifferent on.

Our alliance has come up with a solution for this issue. We’ve created a separate alliance simply for the purpose of people who are not able to fulfill their in game contributions. In that alliance, they are not required to hit the titan or do pretty much anything. It’s name actually implies that to be true. When someone goes on vacation or will not be available due to life issues, they move to the inactive alliance until they are able to be active once again within one of the main alliances.