Ghost opponent in raid

I was raiding a team that had Elkanen in it. My team had Obakan. In the final stages of the battle, only Elkanen was left on the defence team. He fired his special, hitting Obakan who had counterattack active. Elkanen was apparently killed but the raid did not end. I could still fire the tiles and they hit an invisible opponent where Elkanen had been. The battle finally ended when I fired Sartana’s special at the empty field.

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This happened also to my boyfriend’s toon lol

Well, it is almost Halloween :rofl::joy::grin:

Its a known issue … search for it on forums.
It happen with any active counterattack hero get hit that killes the attacker.
They get dissapeard. But not dead.
This was about 2months ago and now I think its back.
@Petri @Sara you may wanna take a look over here.

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Thanks for informing us about this - we shall investigate!

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