Ghost mode after revive talent used

Ok, just been raiding. I was fighting a team with bt in it on left wing, started with an awful board. But slowly got it into shape. After killing the tank and flank. I noticed bt was near death. So fired marj on him…

Shock he revived as expected, but I knew 1 tile would get him so fired a gem. Wasn’t even watching, but a message come up and bt was still there so assumed it was a revive

Powered up my hero’s ghosting fired them all and yet again bt survived… But this time I saw a ghost message pop up…

At this stage I started recording… I have a 50sec vid of the glitch but for the life of me I can’t share it on here

Can someone who knows how share their line so I can send to them and they can post here

Devs needed to see this in action @Garanwyn

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I think I might have seen that too.

Is it a glitch or is a Fighter in ghost mode until they rematerialise?

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So I think I know what happened.

Marjana inflicts a burn status, when he revived he got hit by the burn (as the revive talent doesn’t cleanse ailments) but the revive activated again, meaning he would revive in the following turn.


It’s different to the last bug, the hero isn’t invisible like before… Hard to explain, just need to see the vid

if anyone is happy to share line I’d, or explain how I share a vid in here, it will all make sense


First time I have ever seen that before.

Boldtusk is just ghosting all your specials but gets hit from tiles.

At the very end when his revival ability procs, looks like everything gets back to normal and you finished him with a special.

Very weird

That’s wild. He is behaving like Ameonna for specials.

Definitely submit a ticket on that. The video will be hugely helpful, and if you can tell them approximately when the fight happened they should be able to find it and figure out a fix.

Here’s how to submit a support ticket:


no video but still…

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