Ghost heroes

I have this two.
My Idea is to have all team of ghost and have some fun.
Is there some more ghost heroes or this is the only ones.
If there is please put photos.

Just the two of them at this stage.


Ok, I hope few more will come in future.

Yes, currently 2 of them,… Intersting video team ghost…


Look nice, thanks a lot.

Maybe I will put Raffaele or Rigard as a healer for support.

Belong to @Pois1

. .

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Definitely they need support.
Maybe 2 or 3 ghost plus support.
I will try that.

Right, can’t hold by themselves

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I have 4 Ammeonas and 3 Stonecleave

Now I’m trying to decide…3 Ammeonas and 2 Stonecleave or 3 Stonecleave and 2 Ammeonas for my future ghost team.

Help please! :rofl:

Ammeona is fast but needs tiles to do damage

Stonecleave at least slashes but is average and can get hit by Holy even while ghosting - so not good for titans

Grrr this is a serious dilemma I’m having not trolling :laughing:

Edit: maybe I need all of them :rofl: then I can have a titan team of just tibs and 4 ammeona and all I’ll bring is tornadoes, mana and invisibility potion :rofl: but I still want multiple Stonecleave for my raid teams :laughing: :grimacing:

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I’d go 3 ghosty tile damage is more important plus can’t be hit. Slowly maxing my 2nd one now :wink:

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