Ghost heroes

I have this two.
My Idea is to have all team of ghost and have some fun.
Is there some more ghost heroes or this is the only ones.
If there is please put photos.

Just the two of them at this stage.


Ok, I hope few more will come in future.

Yes, currently 2 of them,… Intersting video team ghost…


Look nice, thanks a lot.

Maybe I will put Raffaele or Rigard as a healer for support.

Belong to @Pois1

. .

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Definitely they need support.
Maybe 2 or 3 ghost plus support.
I will try that.

Right, can’t hold by themselves

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I have 4 Ammeonas and 3 Stonecleave

Now I’m trying to decide…3 Ammeonas and 2 Stonecleave or 3 Stonecleave and 2 Ammeonas for my future ghost team.

Help please! :rofl:

Ammeona is fast but needs tiles to do damage

Stonecleave at least slashes but is average and can get hit by Holy even while ghosting - so not good for titans

Grrr this is a serious dilemma I’m having not trolling :laughing:

Edit: maybe I need all of them :rofl: then I can have a titan team of just tibs and 4 ammeona and all I’ll bring is tornadoes, mana and invisibility potion :rofl: but I still want multiple Stonecleave for my raid teams :laughing: :grimacing:

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I’d go 3 ghosty tile damage is more important plus can’t be hit. Slowly maxing my 2nd one now :wink:

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My “Team Ghost” used to be 3X Stonecleave + 2X Ameonna, but the synergy is awful as one is better to horde tiles and the other is better to use the tiles as quickly as possible. That said, I have transitioned this team to 5X Stonecleave. If you enjoy the videos below, there is a playlist on the channel with more.

This is Team Ghost(s) taking on Global #5:

Here is a variety of Team Ghost versus Batman Returns:


Shouldn’t the discussion of your videos be only on youtube? This forum is not for reasons only partaining to yourself.

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I believe having fun and experimenting in the game is something many people enjoy seeing and discussing on the forum.

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Several forum posters have YouTube channels that they post about.

As long as the content is relevant, we haven’t really had an issue with it.

If anyone does has an issue, best thing is to scroll on past or flag it as ‘other’ so we can evaluate it.


It would seem the OP explores a new way to enjoy the game which seems to be relevant to the forum; unlike the response provided here.


Thank you. Your efforts in the forum are greatly appreciated.

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Love the content @JekylandHyde keep it coming!


I don’t mind it at all. I thought it fun to watch a different approach. I wouldn’t do it but watching it was fun. Makes you consider different strategies than the standard ones

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Fully a supporter of team ghost here, currently been saving 4 Ammeonas and 3 Stonecleaves but I need to hope for 1 more Ammeona and 2 more Stonecleave now for more synergistic ghostly fun in the much far future when I’m bored and have nothing better to level. :rofl: I love it when people show off how underdog heroes can really shine and have a place in the game. :slightly_smiling_face:


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