Ghost and Revive

This has been discussed in a few other places, but I think this is unique. Unfortunately, I wasn’t recording at the time.

While raiding, Most of my team had died. Poseidon and Frida remained on the right Flank/Wing respectively.

My opponent had Eve, KGB, Mitsuko(Dead), Magni(Dead), Leo

Eve fired, killed Poseidon, and almost took down Frida, but Poseidon’s Revive talent kicked in.

Here is where the “bug” kicked in. KGB fired on/targeted Posiden within the same turn as Eve taking out Posiden. as the special landed, “GHOST” popped up over Posiden. Poseidon takes no damage. The turn ends. Poseidon revives on the next turn, fires against eve, and dies via a hit from Magni.

A- I didn’ think you could target a hero not yet revived
B- Ghost isn’t a part of Poseidon’s special

Bumping this for visibility

Extra bump for visibility because I’ve had similar experiences but no “ghost” message. Just an invisible enemy I had to kill. I imagine this is all tied together with the latest update.

I think your’s is normal behavior. I have accidentally targeted Ghost heroes in the past so I know that’s possible. As for Reviving not being in his Special, Poseidon is a Fighter class with Revive as the class ability

I have also accidentally targeted a revived hero in ghost mode. Seems to be intended behavior.

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I’ve done the same. I just chalked up to a perk of the fighter class since their revive being useful is pretty situational as is.

But to say “ghost” when ghost isnt mentioned in the talent, i guess would make sense for a bug but wouldnt surprise me if just an intentional hidden mechanic which we find all the time throughout the game

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Strange. I know in the past I was unable to click on a “revived” hero. Maybe a change after an update that I didn’t notice.

I obviously know this. I stated that “ghost” wasn’t part of his special, which it isn’t.

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I guess I’ll try to test a big more

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Seen it the other way around as well.
Whe you use AoE dmg and include a reviving hero because of talent, it also mentions ghost.

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