🤖 Ghealach – 5* Ice / Blue from Construct family

Why his fiend do not deal damages like other fiend?
This is new style of fiend now?

Someway they reduce the healt by 40%, if not by damaging then how? :man_shrugging:

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Other fiend deal damages and absorb healing, but Ghealach fiend only absorb healing. You can check all heroes who summon fiend.

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they damaged this very strong hero hard after beta - he should have kept that 50% gain at least

he now is like onatel with better stats which would be cool if we still would have 2018 :sweat_smile:

think he should & will be buffed soon

So basically Onatel with crazy stats, pretty good damage and fiends, and a passive that will hit for an additional 180% once some conditions are met. How many casts do you need to fully charge Destructive Core? It surely can’t proc for every special skill cast.

It depletes after it fires, so depending on how often he’s hit after firing, it’s possible.

I’ve been lucky to get him (or not, if you look at my blue queue) and I’m looking forward to playing with him.

What happens if you pair him with Xenda / Onatel I wonder?

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It it 38% of generated mana each turn until the fiends disappear?
I don’t get the comparison to Onatel, which should be much less.

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Well, Onatel and Xenda both steal mana. Starting at 25% and going up to 100%.

Ghealach’s fiends contually steal 38% until they’re removed.

He’s going to be a PITA on rush tournaments.

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That’s if he survives…

Thx. Those numbers were new to me.

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Yeah, the mana steal works over 4 turns with Onatel/Xenda

1 - 25%
2 - 50%
3 - 75%
4 - 100%

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Why wouldn’t he survive? He’s got an insanely high defence stat and they’ve made his LB2 skill ‘dodge’.

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he is doing better thing then doing damage 50 points, he stwal lot of mana from 3 target, he is fast almost very fast after first hit, and fiend absorb lot of health
so he slow down 3 hero, steal mana
and stop healing, almost impossible to do nothing if he fire

he is top


His fiends overwrite their mana steal is what happens. Xenda’s burn and heal remains but the mana is only stolen by Ghealach’s fiends.

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We have Arco or Ephyra to counter Fiend (Arco is better because of strong element against blue). Arco have been in Soul Exchange before, so maybe many people have it.

Tell me honestly, did you just squeal with delight when you saw the little star fiends? Even after a Fight Club “I wanted to destroy something beautiful” kinda day I still thought they were cute.


Devious look on that little star face …lol…absolutely expecting an instantaneous personality flip like the “staypuff marshmallow man” …

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Like this, only with stars. :rofl::joy:
(And skewering OUR heroes, instead of each other, but I digress…)


I like him for what he does. His being a wizard is somewhat at odds with his special. I may reset his emblems and choose def path.


Sorry do you mind explaining this one, how come wizard is at odds with his special? Based on the art being a wizard is probably the most fitting class he could have lol.