Getting under my skin - Kashhrek

Oh wise and sage players, how can I beat Kashhrek?

I have three 460 heroes - Scarlett, Colen and Kiril and a varied bench of 3 but no one very strong who can debuff.

My strong 3* are grey mane, Ishtak, Balthazar, bane, azar, tyrum and between. I have belith as my only debuffer and she’s just hit 2nd ascension.

I really struggle against Kashhrek as a tank - his swamp skin ability completely neuters my big hitters. Even on his 3rd ascension his health is above 1k and the more I throw at him, the quicker he heals and blocks fire.

The only time I managed to beat a 3rd ascension Kashhrek, I managed to clear out the whole team behind him and that took until I got sudden death damage bonuses!

Is there a clever solution, or should I just skip until I draw someone new? Caedmon seems ideal one day?

Thanks in advance…

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Double red

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Scarlett, Colen, and Kiril are a good core to form your team around (you’ll want at least 2 red hitters when taking on Kash), but you’ll certainly need a dispeller to get rid of enemy buffs.

Belith fits that bill, she is the best 3 star healer, and quite tanky (for a 3*) to boot. Tyrum also a good option - train one of them up asap.

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Use Thyrum to debuff Krashek

My go to for kashrek is Natalya…

However if you can’t get your hands on a debuffer bring a few good mp killers. Azar, ganju, carver, li xiu, chao… Just to name a few.

Good spot! I tend to ignore him because I prefer Balthazar, but yes that’s ideal. Gold star @Branwen

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Don’t need to debuff. Focus more on maximizing your damage. I use falcon boldtusk and marjana with wu and joon and he is nothing for me in raids. For lower heroes kelile can help, gormek, boldtusk, scarlet…sadly the 3* ones won’t make enough of a dent in him to take him down…

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I agree with the sentiment of either a debuff hero or double reds or both.

Tyrum is a debuffer. The poster that mentions natalya is right if you had her; however, Azar is a mana reducer. Colen is a slow red, sadly, but if opponent does not have a disspeller it should work doubling the red.

I used to have a lot of trouble with Kash, but over time I’ve grown to actually like seeing him as the enemy tank.

My strategy is to clear as many tiles into him as I can at the start, which is a great way to charge up my own mana without a devastating counterattack (granted he heals back all the damage at this point, but at least he’s not returning the damage). Once I have most of my heroes charged up, I fire them all at once and inflict tons of damage in a single turn. With enough good attackers (and especially a defense debuffer and/or offense buffer for added damage), it’s often enough to take Kash down even with his fire resistance on. Dispelling the resistance definitely helps if you have fire attackers like Scarlett, though.

This works for a lot of other healers, too, so long as their special doesn’t come with a secondary effect that buffs or debuffs (e.g. Rigard, Melendor, Sabina).

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Kashrek is a pain when you first start out. I usually just skip him when I saw him at lower levels. Now with some 4/70 heroes and other 4th ascension 4*s I can double red on him and take him out. It’s not worth the hassle at lower level if you ask me. The hold specials and fire them all at once strategy might be viable if your heroes can survive the beating from the enemy team. A dispeller is definitely needed if you’re doubling red. Currently for alliance war half the enemy team has Kashrek as their tank this war feels like a loss lol especially since their teams and levels outrank us by quite a bit. Good luck though!

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