Getting smoked on raids

I’ve been trying to be supportive of S&G, the new POV challenges. However, raids have gotten way worse. I’m at 4400, i routinely get hit by teams at 4900 or higher. Of course they win, duh. When i try to fight back i lose. When i go to raid…4700, 5000, really? How do they expect me to EVER get in the diamond arena? On more than more occasion i have burned all my food trying to find ONE team i can challenge. I HATE raids and think they are stupid

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Total team power is not considered in match making, nor should it be. Its strictly by cup difference.

SG says “Dear players, we are aware of this kind of situation, and the solution is simple, SPEND MORE!”

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It’s almost as if raids are specifically designed to push players into “keeping up with the Joneses” situations where OP heroes are constantly being featured—briefly and brutally—from the business end of their weaponry :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree! I currently don’t have a purple on my team, what tiles do i get in abundance? Purple! My healer is blue I’m lucky if he fires twice, so obviously skewed.

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I’ve noticed I’ve been losing quit a bit more recently, but the people raiding me have been losing more too.

And you have obviously been keeping track of exactly how many purple and blue tiles you have gotten over the course of your last 100 raids, right…?

So, what I’m hearing is you disagree? Do you have stats to refute me?

The easiest way to get easier opponents in raids is to cup drop-set your defense team weaker. This will result in more losses at first, but once your cup count drops you will face easier opponents. This isn’t a formula for staying in diamond, but there is really very little value to living in diamond!

Not his job to refute you… just to point out that without evidence, you are just blowing air.

I disagree, i gave an opinion. I didn’t say i had facts. I was sharing my FEELINGS, god forbid. But i have the feeling nether of you know what those are.

Well, that’s good to know about living in diamond! Not that i will ever be able to. I hate drop setting my team because it feels like cheating.

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Have to wonder what level you’re at, what your roster depth is and, as a result, whether you’re climbing too high too fast. I’ve said this so many times, but this game is a marathon, not a sprint. Especially if you’re ftp or ctp. I know people who have been at this game for years and still struggle to stay in the diamond arena if they can get there at all.

Also, don’t focus too much on team power. Try to build a team for the job at hand. If they have a hero who provides a buff like attack up, def up, taunt etc, then you might want to consider bringing a dispeller or 2. Do they have a hero who will provide negative effects to your team? You may require a cleanser. Maybe a mana controller if they have a particularly bothersome hero or maybe bring your own DoT (Damage over time) dealer if they lack a cleanser. The synergy of your team can be important as well. Colour stacking against difficult opponents will help alot if they can work together, almost like you’re fighting a titan, so a def down hero with an elemental def down hero and a heavy hitter of the same colour can work wonders. Mana controllers and mana buffers are great if you are taking slow heroes… So many combinations.

Maybe you’re already doing all this. Maybe you’ve been playing the game for years but in case you haven’t, the above might help.

Maybe show us your roster and we might be able to work a few teams out for you or at the very least work out if you’ve been trying to punch above your weight

Either way, hope we can help and bring some enjoyment back to the game for you

Game Well :sunglasses:

Nobody seems that crazy, and this topic attracts crazy…always has.

My defense team is around 4750. Sit anywhere from 2700 down to 2400 depending on how many revenge attacks were made. Majority of attacks are revenge.

My attack is usually mono dark which is now up to 4570 tp. I will attack up to 4800tp if cups are 18+. I reroll alot since I am almost never under 2mm ham.

I was where you are, and I just grew. That is the only remedy for your current situation.

Thank you so much. I would never have the courage to post my roster here. I appreciate the offer.

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I can’t just say thank you… need 20 characters. Thank you!

That night I went 2800+. Still over 2500 in the morning. If you don’t get cup-competitive, it is farming with better rewards.

Remember to clear your tower. If you are raided with near zero levels of ham and iron, you lose near/nothing. Raider get minimum from system not you.