Getting signs into names

From my understanding, it was meant to solve issues with people impersonating other people by changing their player name. That’s why you get 1 free rename and then have to pay after that.


Maybe too many „dump trump“ would be there for free. Conspiracy? :joy: at least it should always be free to be an „eddard“. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am a chat mod in BoH.

You are not wrong.

The actual list of reasons for severe restrictions on names, and name changes, is huge.

But the top reason, by a wide margin, is inappropriate names.

Only Devs can change an inappropriate name. So the players have to but in a request. A Dev has to waste time changing the name. The player picks a new name that is equally inappropriate. After doing this several times, the Dev locks the name. After locking the name many players will create a free account to complain in global, and forums, about their locked name.

I would much rather Development cycles were spent on game play rather than changing/ locking names.

It sucks that innocent players get penalized for the actions of others. Welcome to the anonymous internet.


Too bad, if you change alliance name to another layout, then the alliance cant be found anymore by alliance search. That may be the reason nobody does change alliancename layout. :disappointed_relieved:

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