Getting Screwed by Elemental Chest


Today I got a Fire Elemental chest and all I could do was give a sigh of disappointment, why couldn’t I have gotten a real Elemental Chest, meaning one in a different color. I say this because at one time I got a Fire Elemental Chest and the 2 ascension items turned out to be 2 scabbards and regular summons tokens and assorted trinkets.

The Fire Elemental chest after that was once again farmable ascension items regular summon tokens and assorted trinkets. Today I got 2 boots for ascension items, regular summon tokens, 10 emblems, 10 Atlantis coins, 30 gems and a WE flask.

Other members of our alliance report similar results with Fire Elemental chests. You go through the trouble of trying to fill chest quickly with the hope of getting an Elemental chest expecting to get ascension item(s) and to consistently have Fire Elemental chest give out crap is like a slap in the face. I shouldn’t have to be disappointed before I even open it, but what choice is there when the results are almost always the same?

Personally I think an Elemental chest should always have the non-farmable 3 and 4* ascension items of it’s element or Tome of Tactics/Damascus blade and gloves/compass, but that’s just my personal opinion.

I’ve been playing for well over a year and a half and none of the other Elemental chest has ever been so crappy as the Fire chests consistently have been. I should be happy and not disappointed and let down at the sight of one.

I started the day with titan giving me warm cape and magic orb, then mystic vision gave me mysterious tonic and an epic hero token, I couldn’t believe my luck. Then the cherry on top should have been the chest, but instead it’s like getting a turd in the mail.

Do us all a favor and simply remove the Fire Elemental chest from the game so we don’t have to continue being disappointed and feel screwed over by SG. Is is really any skin of your backs to put something decent in the Fire chests for a change? Geez, nobody should ever have to open a chest like that, much less 3 in a row.

I would prefer they show up less frequently than every month or two then to have to deal with the possibility of getting a Fire Elemental chest. The only bright side is I got back the WE flask I used and the emblems, coins and such.

An Elemental chest is basically a present, a gift, a prize. Why on earth would you give someone a prize or a present and put flip flops in it. Have the decency to at least put in a decent pair of shoes.


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