Getting rid of war boosters

Can we PLEASE for the love of whatever god(s) anyone ever believed in since the beginning of time get rid of the alliance war boosters!!! I’m sick to death of fighting these stupid boosters more than I’m fighting the actual opposing alliance teams! It’s not right…a war should be just that…a war…my team/alliance against your team/alliance…no extra buffs and no assistance…period! I’ve been playing this game for a long while now…and I remember what the wars were like before the boosters came into play, and I HATE these boosters and how they’ve sucked all the fun out of the wars…I spend most of my time dreading logging in during wars because I don’t want to have to deal with the pure frustration and anger that comes from it!! And it makes it harder for us leaders/co-leaders to get our alliance members pumped and ready to fight when you have to deal with these boosters crushing them before they ever even have a chance to enjoy themselves…the boosters are KILLING the enjoyment we used to get during war time…please take the boosters out of the war!! I’m begging!


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