Getting Rid of Slow Mana

I believe that slow Mana needs to be eliminated. So make slow average average into fast fast to very fast

We gladly appreciate your opinion.

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What happens to very fast? Do they become super duper fast?

Slow as average is still slow if all get boosted.


Slow is fine. No need for the shift. I feel differently about Very Slow though. Either eliminate Very Slow, OR, make any and all heroes at Very Slow speed strong enough to be a massive threat should they go off.


I think thats how they counter their power. I have Boss Wolf who is very slow, which i hate, defence is 830 and Health is 1560 thats with 2 tokens, attack is only 553. Making him slow would be awesome but probably harder to kill

1 tile faster for every hero would speed up the game, but at last just short differences in relation.

Very fast would gain the most profit from this imo and the complaints wouldn’t change nevertheless.


It will throw the game off balance for sure.

The faster the pace, less strategy involved.


Don’t change mana speeds. Just buff the current Very Slows to nuclear weapon status accordingly. Otherwise, everything seems fine as is.

This post seems kind of strange to me, because in almost everything I do in game, titans, wars. Thinking about rational troop selection for what I’m going in to is essential and even then I have a mental plan on heroes to avoid if I can and those that I have a chance of murdering. With the exception of Titans, once you have successfully opened a safe gap you are at least 50% of the way there.

One massive exception: One ‘Hero (blue??) hell bent on murder’ I was up against last week though (can’t remember) but just one, I used 15 heroes (3 teams of 3* and 4* heroes, teams of 300% assassins) in a war effort but he would regenerate during my turn while I was firing of triple salvos to try to actually do something lethal; half way through or two thirds and he’s back to full strength. What? When I read “does 115% of the damage inflicted back on you and (either side basically)”. I just felt sad, the whole effort was so pointless (literally and figuratively). This one really needed slower mana.

Sounds like a riposte (Boril?). You needed a debuffer like Sonya or Melendor to cancel the effect.

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I’ve encountered him, he died at my hands in war just last night. He was pretty good about it too.

I was using, on the third attempt, Kashhrek (healer for his two friends and a nice absorbent tank), Sabina (debuff plus healer), Valen with his defence debuff) and Beren with his 300% attack and that spirit link chick, “Kai”. The first two teams cost me the loss of about 8500 damage points of heroes. The last one just ended with me, Kashy and two 300% murderers duking it out until the game timed out and declared them victorious. I ended up with 140 odd points for the entire war and 40 of those was earned against a weak team using a mix of totally unleveled 3 x 2* feeders and 2 x 3* unleveled.

The whole thing was just nuts!

EDIT: last nights war was much more productive and I scored my highest score to date of 546. (you are looking at a huge smiley emoji)
2nd EDIT: there was something wrong about the leader of this alliance. He had no cups or trophies (whatever you call them) at all, but his alliance still got away with it being ranked only 25% stronger than us. He attacked and killed our 3 strongest people twice, destroyed them twice each too. Just his defence team was ~3750. After that, I guess they went out to celebrate. But then, war isn’t supposed to be fair at all either is it?

Not a good idea and plus they will only adjust the rest of the game accordingly which means at the end of the day nothing changed other than a few words for appearance sake.

Please don’t misunderstand, I realise it is not always as simple as the naysayers would have it. My general rule in war for victory is to make sure none of my more junior alliance members miss out on any chance to mount an attack (they only have two or three attacks at most in them, so they go first). They get experience, get loot and score points; that’s a good thing? I then look at what is left after respawn 1and I will attack, depending on how they (opposition) have set up their defence, who I have to work with, a 10 - 15 % team point margin to equal or a bit above (not more than 10%) if they just got their setup not quite good enough. I have literally won with just 82 damage points left on one hero on something I underestimated. Then, I swear at myself for wasting valuable team assets/resources on a win where i only lost 82 damage points
The important thing I learned is that no-one is too good to be thrown away until you have 6 teams and have to make decisions on who is going to be lunch. If the other person says “you are not even lunch” then that is just how it is.

There was no misunderstandings just pointed out reality of what tge devs would do should slow mana be removed or changed.

My rule of thumb is opposite, as our allience is divided in 2 or in reality 4, 2 x 2sets based on time zones…

First half big hitters hit first then weaker members cleanup and same for 2nd half and we win 95%or our wars.

Yep, that cleanup of that oddly undamaged hero and his two badly damaged friends; 3 of them and they could only muster about 1200 points between them. I attacked the second time with over 200% damage points of that remaining team because they bad just blitzed me. When the dust settled they were all healthier. The 3rd time, I was prepared and had a definite plan and after duking it out for what seemed ages, the server just said “time out, take that imperialist”. They MAY not be the actual words except for the first two. I think they might have said: time out: accomplished killer wins. Nah, wasn’t that either but their server stopped the torment.

EDIT: I can claim no such success for us, but 3 of 5 would be about right I think.

The Owl already is a weapon of mass destruction if she’s the only hero left. If she’s in the corner, chances aren’t bad that she’ll be the last defense hero standing. Due to her high def/life stats, in an attacking team (in particular if she’s positioned on the edge and the defenders have splash damage dealers) she will usually also live longer than most of the other attackers and thus be able to blast out a wave of destruction on the defense team (unfortunately, I’ve never been able to summon her and try her myself)

Boss Wolf is a pretty tough tank and in my eyes quite underestimated. I personally have a lot more problems against him than against most other tanks apart from maybe Guin, Gravemaker and Santa Claus. BW causes much more trouble for me than, say, Delilah, Aegir or Ares even if they have a faster mana regeneration. For people who have all the shiny yellow 5* HoTM and event heroes, this might not be true, for FTP or CTP with mostly vanilla 5* and maybe not even good yellow 4* like Jackal BW is a tough obstacle.

In my eyes, the five different mana paces from very slow to very fast are great as they are and I hope that there will also be a few trainable “very slow” or “very fast” heroes in the future. The great thing about E&P is that almost* all heroes can shine at least in some aspects of the game. Sometimes the usefulness of a certain hero is obvious, sometimes it just takes some time to find out.

Oh, and when the first “all heroes have very fast mana” 5* raid tournament takes place, Owl and Wolf will be the most desired heroes, I guess :wink:

*Vlad and Dawa are completely useless. Period.

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