Getting raided while on-line

I’ve been raided while online a few times in the last couple weeks, and it’s happening after I’ve been online for awhile. I also noticed, after the fact, that I was able to revenge raid someone that had been on line for about an hour. Is this a bug or is this something that changed with revision 18 and I just missed the notes?

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To me it happens only if the raid started shortly before I logged in.

You might look at this thread. There was a bug a while ago, long fixed now. But there are legit ways this can happen, and in some cases it just seems like it happened.

f you can screenshot you being able to raid someone while they are online then you have found a new bug.


There appears to be a bug. Your not supposed to be raided why logged on and yet I was. I initaly logged on got a your base was attacked that was fine. However as I am logged on somebody new revenges me that shouldn’t be possible.

Also, not even a complete minute ago the photo showing time only showed 2 mins yet oddly jumps to 7 mins

I have the same experience. This has been going on for months now. I think it may be because of the cups you have, say 2700 and above. I have learned to accept this already.

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Probably the revenge started just before you logged on.


Nope I was logged on more than a minute. Either way I think it’s pretty foul play that if they can revenge me only why can’t I revenge somebody else online.

I have been also online before 4+ minutes and got revenged. Another in another alliance was with at one point same thing. So that what your saying than wouldn’t make sense.

Plus I don’t mind proving the truth in my words communicated. I believe in being 100+ honest!!!

Well if I have to accept it I will but for the stress it occurs and I a paying customer I still think it’s rubbish and lame. If I am online more than a single minute and get raided. They should fix the issue not allow nonsense like this to happen. It really stressed & pissed off a previous member I knew in a past alliance.

Farther more if this is to continue than in wars when attack opponent even if time runs out but attacking opponent it should not boot u. If that’s what’s happening. Than make other areas fair to level things out more fairly.

There the system is complicated plus ping and everyone is different and the Internet too, so it turns out that it shows that you are not online and it hits you and vice versa

3 possible reasons

1 - The attack was started before you were online. This is quite common when you see raids pop up within 5 minutes of coming online.

2 - Once you reach a certain number of cups/rank(not sure which of the 2 it is) you can be attacked regardless of if you’re online or not. This is to stop people just getting in the top spots then never logging off.

3 - Your internet connection dropped for a fraction of a second that just happened to coincide with someone attacking you.

Others have noted some of the causes, just adding a link to the master thread and a good observation about that thread from @General_Confusion:

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Than if that can happen I don’t see why people should be booted from war attacking a opponent at last sec. so basically last second they get in attacking you and you get online than they can finish war should be the same.

I disagree with number two. That would give those able to keep top spots ease and create a unfair advantage. Because say a weaker person can’t get there. Than it gives the stronger a over advantage. Thus not creating a fair game.

Yes it isn’t bad fair nor is it reasonable!! Also, when your pitted in raids against 5* when your a freaking 4* team wow that sounds realistic!

They aren’t. If you attack before the war timer hits zero then your attack is allowed to finish and counts towards the war score.

No idea where you got the idea all fights already in progress end the second the war timer hits zero

Oh my bad didn’t know. Well that doesn’t exactly happen fairly with titans. The titan can attack you when time runs out but you can’t attack it one last time. Doesn’t exactly make a lot of sense. Especially if it’s skill is activated but one of your hero’s is lighted up and activated it should be equal opportunity.

But this is a good thing. If you have Perfect Riposte or another damage reflect up, you get some free extra damage against the titain :slight_smile: Someone has to attack last. This way is actually more beneficial to you on average.

Oh ok. Didn’t think of it that way. But cool. Peace:)

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