Getting no loot from raid

One of my teammates told me the following, anyone knows about that or has experienced that?

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If you check the raid log you will probably find you did get rewards. There is a known bug that displays 0 rewards in certain situations.



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Screenshot_20190424-084930_Empires won raid but nothing

I’m going to move this to the bugs and issues category. Let’s see what the moderators think but you may need to submit a support ticket.

It was reported by other players on this thread of several days ago


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I noticed the same thing a week or two ago, but I know for certain I was awarded recruits. I think it may be a visual bug at the summary screen.

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I suspect this is a visual bug as others have said, but it never hurts to #contact-support for cases like these. That can help make them aware of the bug and troubleshoot why it happens for some players but not others.

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