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This topic needs to be revived. Back before the alliance search function was changed, my alliance always had several applicants within hours if not minutes of an opening. Now, nothing. The only way for healthy alliances to grow anymore is by actively recruiting for weeks on end in an environment that is already incredibly diluted by every other alliance affected by this. The fact that the change happened without any warning, notification, or apparent cause is also still irritating. (“Various small improvements” is all we get for details anymore). Please please please restore it back to the way it was before it was changed.


I’m of the mind that we need a discussion titled “keeping advanced players despite lackluster gameplay”

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Even, for new alliances which I have helped start 3; it is difficult to recruit whether you are looking for seasoned players or for new players wanting to learn. When I began playing recruitment was a skill that was easy to acquire. Now the recruitment takes time to master and you have to have a presence in the forums or in global chat before people start looking to join an alliance.

That being said, I’m not sure how new players that don’t have a web presence in the forums or global chat are going to find recruits easily or are going to find alliances to join that are willing to teach what it needed.

Back to the old ways does seem like a plausible way to go.


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I started playing the game in January, and have been in an alliance that is currently needing more players to advance further after kicking a few inactive members.

What was the alliance search like before the change you are referring to? Could be wrong, but the way I remembered was that whenever the alliance button was pressed, a list of alliance names (not the top ones) showed up on the screen even before typing any names in the search box. But this seemed to have changed after Alliance War appeared where one would have to navigate to the tab and actually type in a search phrase. I don’t remember if there was a filter for Open or Invite Only…

Was this the change you were referring to?

All those are descent headings for a search. When I first started and my wife had an established account in an established alliance; she was told that she was welcome to recruit. To an introvert that is a daunting task.

When I began looking for an alliance to join, I found more than a dozen that only had a few active players and more often than not those alliances had members that were active but the leadership had stopped playing.

Recent activity would be a great way to search for alliances. It was frustrating to join an alliance that had been hitting titans of 5* and higher and then find out that the few remaining members still playing were unable to take down a 5* titan.

I had joined one such alliance and after about seven days being a member those that played actively formed a new alliance. Being able to search the activity of an alliance would make it more welcoming I should think.

The name search does work, basically.

The number of players way to search would allow players to search for the alliances, though the problem still stands there are quite a few alliances that have more than 15 to 20 players and they are inactive.

The alliance score doesn’t truly matter to new players as they don’t really understand what that is until they are part on an alliance and see it in action.

Number of wars undefeated would look appealing; though that could be misleading. The wars won would draw players to winning alliances but not draw people to alliances that may need fresh blood to win the next war.

If I looked at an alliance based on the activity of player rotation; my first thought would be what is wrong with the alliance, not did those players get kicked because of breaking an alliance rule.

It would be neat to be able to look at your above list on a screen similar to a Player’s Profile. An Alliance Profile would allow for all those to be addressed in one shot.

Now, for the something else. There are two of them. The first thought would be to be able to look for newly formed alliances. Maybe how long has the alliance been around in E&P; say 7DD forever or my alliance which has been only 2 days. And the second thought. Have a button that leaders could set to lock their alliance so that players looking for a new alliance isn’t even able to click to join their alliance.

Did not expect this to be so long and wordy. Sorry about the essay length.

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I think the “Alliance Score” and “Titan #__” is essentially the same thing. I’m not sure if it would be difficult to code for a specific titan level, since those shift around anyway, but it might be more user-friendly to new players.

I’d like a basic search (by name) and an advanced search (by some other feature or features listed).

This is me thinking out loud; I’m not a programmer…I don’t know how hard or easy this would be to do. But maybe if we post our ideas up, the Devs will have a better idea what our needs are. :wink:

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I do agree with the other player about needing a way to search for alliances based on language or by country.

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Another huge issue with Alliance recruiting is the total jungle that the Alliance recruiting chat has become. You can post a recruitment message in there, but about every 30 seconds it’s already way too far back up the list for anyone to care. There is 10% recruiting and 90% kids just saying hi to each other in there. I can’t think of a fix other than to have someone actively monitoring that chat.

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@Shohoku79 I’m not 100% sure what exactly they changed altogether but I know that once you hit about 26 members you are excluded from that random list of alliances. So basically, recruiting and dumb luck are now required to fill the last four slots. We’re currently on a cycle of killing three 6* titans, then killing one or two 7*s but always drop the third. Getting those extra members would do wonders.

As was already said, recruiting is ridiculous because your post is gone in seconds before anybody can see it. The chat is chock full of those wanting members and almost none looking anyways.

Edit: That list is still about half filled with inactive alliances btw. There used to be very few. What they changed (as far as I can tell) is to highly favor low member alliances to help the new alliances. But the result has been that new alliances aren’t helped much because of how stinking many dead alliances exist with 15-20 members who don’t play anymore or play very little while healthy alliances are getting screwed.

Actually, after the update we had 25 players find our alliance. We went from 5 players before the update to a full 30. We posted on the forums for recruiting members. I basically ignored Global Chat do to all the posts, a lot of which were not even related to the Chat Rooms Topic.

Lucky you. The rest of us didn’t have such a great experience.

Edit: I know my tone probably comes off as sarcastic (it is a little, I’m still salty about the change) but I am glad it’s worked out for you. But, seriously, it sucks for everybody else.

Just so you know before the last update there was issues for some alliances getting a single new recruit in a month. I would come on here and try to figure out what we were going wrong. I did change the name. That helped big time.

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