Getting my full watchtower raided

OK, before I log off I empty my watchtower. Off to sleep and overnight it fills. I log on and before all the offers, sults etc finish flashing incessantly on my screen I’ve been raided and half or all my overnight swag is gone!

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That is kind of par for the course for upper platinum/diamond. :slightly_smiling_face:


Solution: Don’t log out the game to avoid your watchtower being raided. If you can’t due to sleep, work or other more important activities, let the raiders do their raiding, but put up a solid defense of fully emblemed Garnet tanking supported by a level 30 crit troop, flanked to the left is a fully emblemed Frigg supported by a level 30 crit troop, flanked to the right is either a fully emblemed Odin supported by a level 30 epic troop or a fully emblemed costumed Kadilen supported by another level 30 epic troop, and at the wings are fully emblemed Cobalt and Onyx supported by level 30 epic troops or fully emblemed Finley and Killhare/Jabbawock. If you can afford to summon for them and/or strapped with ascension mats, better let the attackers do their thing. No defense is impregnable anyways.

I have to wonder… for anyone who might have such a team available… do you even actually need any more loot at that point?


I love getting raided! Revenge is cheap and the payoff can be huge. Try never skipping. You’ll find that RNG will reward you on some you shouldn’t win based on heroes and team power.


I think everyone is missing my point. l love being raided as well for the reasons you say I empty my watchtower to avoid the ham and Iron ben stolen. During the night I am raided many times but only give away, or gain cups, no problem. Just before I log on I get raided, they’re only going to get cups but I log on, and before the buy this, buy that adverts and the results of this and that are over and I can empty my watchtower maybe two players have finished their attack after I logged on Result - empty watchtower!

An empty watchtower?! :thinking:
I empty my watch tower before logging off, and raiders who win always get some loot, although not as much if I hadn’t just emptied it though.

But, when you can’t empty your watch tower…

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Now that’s what I call a solid thoughts pattern! At my current summoning rate, I guess somwhere within the next 30 or 40 years I’ll get at least one of the mentioned heroes… hope dies last… :thinking:

I have excessive ham and iron and would love to share it with everybody who love to raid me :kissing_closed_eyes:

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