Getting more than 6 hits for war - solved - duplicate player name

My alliance got hit 12x by one guy during the current war. I’m guessing it’s probably due to the app update. It would be painful depending on how close the end scores are

Maybe they have 2 players with identical nick?

There are 2 identical acc names


Ok, didnt notice that. Still feels wrong that u can duplicate names though.

That’s too funny. We fought them not too long ago. One of our members thought the same thing.

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We fought a Russian alliance that had 3 or 4 players named marat a while back lol.

That must be fun if you are not playing A-1 to D-7 positions :joy::joy:

Without a doubt it was already clear that this is just 2 players with the same name.

7DD also made many players rename to one members name for one war.

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