Getting more flags on world energy and hero capacity

Is there any way to get more world energy flags other that leveling up???
Is the only way to get more hero capacity is by leveling up or paying 100 gems??
I seen a video of a player leveling up a hero and they had around 200 capacity.

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They bought most of it…you get a small amt from leveling up in comparison to what he had. There’s a chart around here somewhere…

Oh yeah, only way to get a larger flag capacity is leveling up.

Max world energy is only increased by leveling up.

Leveling up and buying are the only way to get more hero capacity. Unfortunately, you don’t get more hero capacity every time you level up. Im only at level 26 and have spent the diamonds on all the 50 gem slots so I have plateaued at 85– which i am making do with

thank you…

i think they should make the hero capacity bigger instead of making us pay. as it is some of us do spend money on the game and now they keep bringing new characters on top of what we use to level up and we dont have enough space. they want us to grind on the game but yet not enough world energy unless we pay to refill.

Unfortunately, that is not how SG think. And regrettably, they are the game devs, they do what and how they please for them to squeeze more money from players. The best thing to do is level up like crazy.

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