Getting kicked out hurts

I have been trying my best in accordance with all the guidelines,…I either had to leave a group or got kicked out of one. I have found Alliance groups that have players who have leaders not playing for over 500+ days and I have been kicked out of groups where I choose not to participate in Alliance war because I am new and I said I don’t want to disturb anything. But then I offer advice and how do they not consult with leader? Hasn’t been there for days.

Hi @Element1

Sorry to hear that you’ve had some sad experiences with the alliances you’ve tried.

If you’re looking for a new one, this list includes lots of active alliances for new players.

Teaching Alliances

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Most of them argue about wanting to play for free…but they have 5* hero you can’t get for free.

I know, I play this game

Are you on line app?

What’s your handle?

Let’s chat - may be able to help find you a home that’s a better fit

I’m not doing line app anymore. Thank you though.

If you are new go in the Alliance recruiting room and tell them you are a noob looking for a training alliance. If you are active and follow alliance rules nobody’s going to kick you and if you are willing to learn they’ll teach you.

Oh, BTW. it hurts to have to kick people too. It makes me feel likes jerk but when people are inactive or not team players they must go for the good of the alliance.

You may need to search a bit before finding the right alliance for yourself.

Don’t let this things bother you, it just happen.
Go on :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s good advice, I noticed a lot of Alliance have members who have not participated over 500+ days. The one I was kicked from I opted out from Alliance war, they had 15 against 15, I said I was glad I opted out and noticed the flags of my Alliance so I offered advice, next I know, I’m kicked.
I left my last team because I felt pressured to kick a teammate and I was only an Elder.
My gamer name now is ‘Grow Cold’.

@Element1 check out MB Foundation. It’s a teaching alliance that feeds into Magnificent Bastards. You’re welcome there.

Wanna join us, we’re small, between 2000-3700 tp and don’t like kicking :smile:(have a look, we’re „forest friends“)

I’ve only been in a few alliances but all rely on line for communications, especially for wars.

Maybe there are some alliances that put less emphasis on wars that you can join. Some will not or have a spot for someone who is not using line… Depends on the alliance.

Go to the AR chat in game and mention that you don’t do wars nor line… Maybe some will accept you.

FWIW, most people will be biased against someone who just joined the alliance giving war advice especially if they are not participating.


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